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Aurora Light Blue Pure 311 Auto Pre-Filter in package
Blue 311 Auto Pre-Filter, Arctic Trail
Blue 311 Auto Pre-Filter, Archipelago Sand
Blue 311 Auto Pre-Filter, Aurora Light
Blue 311 Auto Pre-Filter, Night Waves
Blue 311 Auto Pre-Filter, Winter Reed
Blue 311 Auto with Arctic Trail Pre-Filter, situated in room next to large dog

Blueair - Blue PURE 311 Auto Pre-Filter

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Info: Tweed Pattern; Produced in Several Colours

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Like the other members of the Blue Pure family, Blueair Pure 311 Auto Air Purifiers have a fabric pre-filter around their entire base where the air filter resides, both for decorative reasons and to catch larger particles like dust and hair, to prevent the main filter from getting saturated too quickly. The ones for the new Auto machines come it more muted colours in a tweed pattern.

Product Notes:

area on back of Blue Pure Auto pre-filters to store excess power cord lengthThese 311 Auto prefilters come in three colours and two shades of gray, and can be swapped out quite quickly. They should be vacuumed with a brush attachment periodically (while still on the machine) to remove the dust and hairs they accumulate, and can also be taken off and washed in a washing machine. These models include a Velcro-style fastener to hold any excess length of cord close to the machine.

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Prefilter Colours for Blue Pure 311 Auto

Product Options:
Arctic Trail (Darker Gray) - $13.99 - UPC: 689122014654
Archipelego Sand (Light Pink) - $13.99 - UPC: 689122014685
Aurora Light (Green[-ish]) - $13.99 - UPC: 689122014678
Night Waves (Blue) - $13.99 - UPC: 689122014661
Winter Reed (Lighter Gray) - $13.99 - UPC: 689122014692