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Blueair - Classic 605 Air Purifier

Blueair - Classic 605 Air Purifier

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Info: Blueair 605 Air Purifier

S&H included in Canada. If you have a large living or working space, you need an air purifier powerful enough to handle large rooms. The new Blueair Classic 605 can bring cleaner, healthier indoor air virtually free of indoor air pollutants and asthma and allergy triggers to living or dining rooms, dens, spacious bedrooms, lofts, medium size board or conference rooms, or any big rooms up to 775 square feet (which is about the size of many elementary school classrooms).

Product Notes:

The Blueair 605 is very quiet, since Blueair systems charge air particles to make them easier to capture, first, so their filters don't need to be as thick. And it's easy to operate and check its status (as shown in the video): both immediately, with a touch button control panel with LED icons; and from afar, since it's Wi-Fi enabled so you can change operations remotely using your mobile phone. And to conserve energy costs, you can also further automate its speed function to meet variable conditions using the optional Blueair Aware air quality monitor.

Blueair 605 Features:

1. Electrostatic/Mechanical Operation
2. WiFi Enabled and Controllable with Blueair Friend App (iOS and Android) and the AWARE Air Monitor (Sold Separately)
3. Remote Control with the Blueair Friend App through either an iOS or Android Smartphone
4. Filter Exchange Indicator
5. No Ozone Emissions
6. Five Air Exchanges Per Hour (or more, for smaller rooms)
7. Filter Life: Six Months
8. Energy Star Rated
9. AHAM Certified for CADR Listed
10. Warranty: 1 Year Automatic; Extended to 5 Years with Product Registration

Diagram of the airflow in the Classic 605 model

No Drafts at any Speed
Thanks to Blueair's SurroundAir system, the Classic 605 can minimize drafts, even though it has an extremely high air flow. SurroundAir takes the polluted air in from the bottom and sides (illustrated here with grey dots), and releases a gentle flow of clean air from the top and sides (illustrated in blue).

Technical Specifications
(for the 120 VAC/60 Hz North American models, using the HEPASilent™ particle filter; the unit is delivered with three of these HEPASilent filters already installed):
- Room size: 775 sq. ft. (72 m2)
(Room size is based on 8 foot ceiling; if your ceilings are higher, the air purifier will still clean your air, but at a slightly lower CADR* than these:)
- CADR: 850 m3 per hour (500 cfm) for Smoke & Dust;
           1087 m3 per hour (640 cfm) for Pollen
- Air changes per hour (in a 775 sq. ft. room): 5
- Dimensions (H x W x D): 26 x 20 x 13 inches 
                                      (660 x 500 x 340 mm)
- Product Weight: 16 kg (35 lbs)
- Typical Energy Consumption (at Speeds 1-2-3): 15 - 65 - 105 watts per hour
- Sound Pressure Levels (at Speeds 1-2-3): 33-44-62 dB(A)
- Integrated air sensors: No (but this model is compatible with the optional Blueair Aware external air quality monitor, which enables you to use the purifier on Auto mode, based on the Aware's air quality readings. That automatic speed function is activated via the Blueair Friend mobile app.)
- Remote control: Yes (via the Blueair Friend App)
- On/off Timer: Yes (via the Blueair Friend App)
- Filter Replacement Indicator: Yes
- Speed control options:  1 - 2 - 3;  touch, smartphone
- Casters to make it easier to move:  Yes
- Air Outlet: out the Top & Sides
- Air Inlet: through the Bottom, Back & Sides
- Wi-Fi Connectivity: Compatible with 802.11 b/g/n router on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Network band. Network security; open, WEP, WPA, & WPA2

* CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) = how much filtered air is delivered (airflow) by the air purifier operating at the highest setting; cfm = cubic feet per minute

UPC / Barcode: 689122005164