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Blueair - Central - Whole Home Air Purification
Blueair Central Replacement Filters 16x25x1

Blueair - Central - Whole Home Air Purification

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Info: Full System Currently Unavailable - Replacement Filters Are Available

1 Whole House Filtration System with Filters

S&H included in Canada. Blueair Central is the in-line air filtration solution that pops right into your existing heating or air conditioning system. Blueair Central purifies 99% of large allergens like dust, pollen, and dander in minutes and 99% of bacteria, viruses, and mold in your whole house too - yet it costs less than a single freestanding room air cleaner.

Product Notes:

Blueair Central replacement filters also available.

Instantly convert your central heating or air conditioning system into a high efficiency air purifier with the Blueair Whole House Filter System.

It's easy! Blueair Central works with your current central heater, air conditioner and/or fan system. This introductory package includes Blueair's MX2 Particle Charger, two Blueair whole house filters (6-months of use) and an automated filter check timer. This patented system will turn your current heating or air conditioning system into a high efficiency air purifier every time you use it.

The custom Blueair Central Filter is made of millions of positively charged fibers that attract airborne particles like super magnets, capturing airborne contaminants at a rate previously only possible using expensive whole-house air purifiers that can cost thousands of dollars.

The Blueair MX2 Particle Charger is an essential component of the Blueair Central Whole House Filter System. When you plug in this compact charger, it immediately starts transferring a safe negative charge to millions of tiny airborne particles that are floating in your air. The air is then sucked into your heating/cooling system as usual. When the particles get close to the exclusive MX2 filter, millions of fibres act like super magnets, drawing even the smallest two thousandths of micron particles into its grip.

When used in combination, the Blueair Central MX2 Particle Charger and Filter can capture over 99% of airborne contaminant like dust, pollen and dander in just minutes and goes on to capture up to 99% of even the smallest particles including bacteria, viruses and mold spores.

5-Year Replacement Guarantee


Exclusively from Blueair, famous for patented HEPASilent technology in homes and hospitals for over 15 years: Blueair Central, whole home air purification system. Swedish design and U.S. manufacturing combined. The only system in the world with patented Blueair technology that silently enables your existing central system to remove up to 99% of airborne pollutants in minutes, using just one watt of extra power. It could take hundreds of these less effective filters to equal one Blueair Central.

If you don't want pollutants circulating through your home and ending up in your lungs, you need Blueair Central. Plug in the powerful MX2 particle charger and then replace your current filter. Turn on your existing central heater, air conditioner or just the fan and within minutes clean up to 99% of airborne pollutants in your entire home. The MX2 transfers a safe ozone-free negative charge to millions of particles floating in your air. Then, particles are pulled through the counter-charge filter. Fibers act like super magnets, drawing pollutants like pollen, dust, smog and even microscopic viruses into its grip while allowing only cleaner air to circulate back into your home. Portable air cleaners work in the room where they're placed. Now there's no need for the expense, hassle or clutter of purifiers in your rooms. Central systems need filters. Why not transform yours into a high efficiency air purifier? For less than the cost of one single room air cleaner, you can clean the air in your whole house.

Take control of your environment and breathe cleaner air throughout your entire home with Blueair Central..


Barry Heller, MD (Emergency Physician): We see a lot of patients in the emergency room - particularly recently - who come in thinking they have the flu. The bottom line is that a lot of people that come to the emergency room end up not having the flu, unbeknownst to them, they're having an allergic reaction to something. I think we still have barely scratched the surface of an environmental illness, environmental disease and certainly, allergies, asthma ... many of these issues are exacerbated or caused by our environment. So, in my opinion, if there was some way we could remove some of these particles, some of these allergens from the air, we could help these conditions significantly.

Woman 1: So, in the past, when my dad would turn on the air conditioner, he would think, oh, I'm doing a good thing, I'm cleaning the air, where in fact he's just blowing more dust around the house and making everybody sick. All the dust that accumulated it just -whoosh- would just go all around the house. But now, he could turn on the air conditioner and it's a great thing because he's cleaning the air. He actually is doing what he thought he was doing for how many years, and now it's actually happening.

Teairra Mari (recording artist): Growing up in the choir and getting lessons from different local teachers, the first thing that they teach you was how to breathe. Singing is all about breathing. So, I love my Blueair purifier.

Woman 2: I've got dogs. I've got cats. I've got grandchildren running around, stirring up the dust. I'm allergic to everything. But with Blueair, I can finally live in my whole house.

Woman 3: With this product, all throughout the house, the air quality is the same. And there is not going to be a situation where the kitchen is healthier than the bedroom, is healthier than the bathroom. It cleans the room consistently.

Woman 4: So, I have three children. We have four bedrooms. I care about what they breathe but not enough to buy four air purifiers all over the house. So, this makes perfect sense to me. It fits one thing on my air conditioner unit and then I've got perfect air - all the time.

Man 1: You wouldn't put a water filter, water purification filter on every faucet in your home nor would you put a satellite dish -- dedicated for every television in your home. So, the difference with the Blueair filtration system -- it's economy of process. It's one input and it's distributed throughout your house instead of a unit in every room.

Woman 5: We have a lot of dust in the house because living on a ranch with horses and I can purify the air in my entire house by just flipping a switch.

Woman 2: I always have a project going on -- in fact we just re-did in the dining room -- and the dry wall dust, anybody who has ever done any construction can tell you, it hangs in the air for days. It's in your eyes, it's on your clothes, it's in the furniture. You flip on the Blueair and -- it is gone. Minutes. That's all it takes. It's just phenomenal.

Woman 6: With urban sprawl and we're now close to freeways, traffic which has become huge, Blueair Central makes it easy to be part of a system that you already have. When you turn on your air conditioning, you're automatically purifing the air.

Woman 7: If you're home all day, you don't realize that your air is stagnant and musty. With Blueair, my air is being cleaned all the time.

Teairra Mari (recording artist): With Blueair, I can just plug it in, turn it on, and its worry free. I don't have to think about the air that I'm breathing. The toxins in the air -- because I know that Blueair is taking care of me.

Woman 1: If I was a parent, and maybe when I become a parent ... there is a way to help your child who has asthma, to help them so they don't feel like a fish out of water, to help them so they can wake up and breathe in the morning and be able to play sports. It's out there, so just grab it and let your child live and breathe.

Man 2: To know that Blueair can filter every breath we take, it's priceless.

Woman 6: The fact that you have now climate control and air purification in one system, one switch, any time you want it in all of your rooms without any additional equipment ... I mean, that really seems to be perfect.

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