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Blueair - Pro L Air Purifier
Blueair - Pro L Air Purifier

Blueair - Pro L Air Purifier

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Info: Air Purifier for Large Rooms, Up to 780 square feet

Shipping included in Canada. The Blueair Pro L is a powerful, premium quality appliance designed for unobtrusively purifying the air in larger rooms up to 780 sq. ft. (72 square meters) in volume, such as a boardroom, shared office, or a multi-function room such as the one pictured at the bottom of this page. (For even larger areas (up to 1180 sq. ft.), you should opt for the Blueair Pro XL, or for medium-sized rooms like individual offices, you may want the Blueair Pro M.) It operates quietly, has a neutral appearance, and has a relatively slim profile and can be situated against a wall, so your people will barely notice it's there.

Product Notes:

Mode of Operation

The diagram below portrays the Blueair Pro L in action (which is shown with its front cover off, to reveal how it is made up by two identical modules, so it actually has two sets of fans and filters). It depicts how Blueair's HEPASilent Technology (which combines the best aspects of both electrostatic and mechanical methods) operates: the dirty air is first drawn through the right side of the unit, where the particles in it get charged in order to increase their tendency to adhere to the three layers of progressively smaller fibres in the HEPA filter they pass through, where they get trapped as the now-purified air is emitted from the other side ionized and filtered, with the two 3-speed fans then discharging the purified air out the left side of the machine.

Schematic Display of the Blueair Pro L purifier in action

Filtration Options

All three types of Blueair Pro models come initially with one or more of these HEPASilent Particle filters, which are designed for removing 99.97% of the everyday airborne pollutants down to 0.1 micron in size, such as dust, mold spores, pet dander, pollen, and other particles which can not only trigger allergies but also sap energy and reduce productivity.

But if the people in your work or living space are also being subjected to heavy gaseous pollutants such as tobacco smoke or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including household paints and other chemicals, they can be equipped with an optional SmokeStop filter, instead, which adds a thick layer of activated carbon particles to the high efficiency particulate air filters, to trap those heavy gases.

Or for particularly heavy or noxious gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde or sulphur dioxide (which might be in some industrial workspaces, for example), there is also an optional Carbon+ Filter which can be added to supplement either of those filters, which incorporates activated carbon, alumina and other binders for their removal.

In addition, the Pro L can also be outfitted with the optional Air Intelligence Module, to continuously monitor the quality of the surrounding air through state-of-the-art particle and gas sensors, and then not only display the results on the top of the main unit, but also use them to adjust the unit's speed setting accordingly, when it is switched to automatic mode.

Technical Specifications


Maximum Room Size 72 m2 (780 sq. ft.)
Unit Dimensions
(H x W x D)
790 x 504 x 240 mm
(31 x 20 x 10 in.)
Airflow, at Each Speed (cubic feet per minute)
- at High Speed 660 cfm (1122 m3/h)
- at Medium Speed 220 cfm (374 m3/h)
- at Low Speed 140 cfm (238 m3/h)
Sound Level, at Each Speed (A-weighted decibels)
- at High Speed 55 dB(A)
- at Medium Speed 34 dB(A)
- at Low Speed 32 dB(A)
Energy Consumption, at Each Speed (watts per hour)
- at High Speed 170 W
- at Medium Speed 38 W
- at Low Speed 22 W
On Casters? Yes
Minimum Number of filters 2
Has a Filter Replacement Indicator Yes
Works with Air Intelligence Sensor Module Optional
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)
Smoke 490 cfm (833 m3/h)
Dust 630 cfm (1070 m3/h)
Pollen 600 cfm (1020 m3/h)
Air Changes Per Hour 5

All 3 Pro models have been successfully rated or approved by the following Certification Programs: AHAM Verified, Energy Star, and ARB (0 Ozone).
Blueair Pro L situated in a large room

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