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Blueair - Pro M Air Purifier
Blueair - Pro M Air Purifier

Blueair - Pro M Air Purifier

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Info: For Medium Sized Rooms to 390 sq. ft.

Shipping included in Canada. Blueair manufactures a whole range of quality small-footprint, low-noise air purifiers with great cleaning capacity for a broad range of room sizes -- from small rooms to whole houses -- using a patented process that combines an encapsulated particle-charging chamber with advanced 3-stage filter media. The Blueair Pro M, a perfect combination of efficiency, elegance, and environmental consciousness, is ideal for medium-sized rooms like individual offices up to 36 square meters*.

Product Notes:

All Blueair Pro purifiers ship with the standard HEPASilent Particle filter, which is designed for removing 99.97% of the typical airborne pollutants such as pollen, dust, pet dander and other particles as small as 0.1 micron in size which can trigger allergies and sap productivity. But if there are also heavy gaseous pollutants such as tobacco smoke or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including household paints and other chemicals in your work or living space, these appliances can use a SmokeStop filter, instead, which adds a thick layer of activated carbon particles to trap those. There is also an optional Carbon+ Filter to supplement either of those types of filters, which incorporates activated carbon, alumina and other binders for the removal of particularly heavy or noxious gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde or sulphur dioxide. In addition, the Pro M can also be outfitted with the optional Air Intelligence Module, to continuously monitor the quality of the surrounding air through state-of-the-art particle and gas sensors, and then not only display the results on the top of the main unit, but also use them to adjust the unit's speed setting accordingly, when it is switched to automatic mode.

The diagram below is a conceptual flow-chart of Blueair's HEPASilent Technology in action, which combines the best aspects of both electrostatic and mechanical methods to first draw in air, and then charge the particles in it order to increase their tendency to adhere to the three layers of progressively smaller fibres in the HEPA filter, where they are trapped as the purified air is emitted from the other side.

Conceptual Diagram of Blueair's HEPASilent Technology in action

Technical Specifications for Blueair Pro MBlueair Pro M shown situated in a high-ceilinged, glass-walled shared office where two people are working

Maximum Room Size: 36 m2 (390 sq. ft.)
Unit Dimensions (H x W x D): 430 x 504 x 240 mm
(17 x 20 x 10 inches)
Airflow, at Each Speed (cfm=cubic feet per minute):
- at High Speed: 330 cfm (561 m3/h)
- at Medium Speed: 110 cfm (187 m3/h)
- at Low Speed: 70 cfm (119 m3/h)
Sound Level, at Each Speed (A-weighted decibels):
- at High Speed: 55 dB(A)
- at Medium Speed: 34 dB(A)
- at Low Speed: 32 dB(A)
Energy Consumption, at Each Speed:
- at High Speed: 85 Watts per hour
- at Medium Speed: 19 Watts per hour
- at Low Speed: 11 Watts per hour

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR):
- for Smoke: 250 cfm (425 m3/h)
- for Dust: 285 cfm (485 m3/h)
- for Pollen: 350 cfm (595 m3/h)
Air Changes Per Hour: 5

Equipped Filter Replacement Indicator: Yes
Works with Air Intelligence Sensor Module: Optional

The Blueair Pro models have all been successfully rated or approved by the following Certification Programs: AHAM Verified, Energy Star, and ARB (0 Ozone).

* (For larger rooms such as a studio loft or a shared office, we also offer the Blueair Pro L, which has twice this model's capacity, or the Blueair Pro XL, for spaces as large as 110 square meters.) 

UPC / Barcode: 689122002224