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Boneco / Air-O-Swiss - Automatic Air Washer Model 2055A
Boneco / Air-O-Swiss - Automatic Air Washer Model 2055A
interior parts of Boneco 2055A Automatic Air Washer
Close-up of Boneco 2055A Automatic Air Washer humidifier disks
Close-up of Boneco 2055A Automatic Air Washer fragrance container
Boneco / Air-O-Swiss - Automatic Air Washer Model 2055A

Boneco / Air-O-Swiss - Automatic Air Washer Model 2055A

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Info: Model AOS 2055A Air Washer

Free Shipping Included in Canada. Humidification, cleaning and scenting, all in one unit. The BONECO / Air-O-Swiss Model AOS 2055A Air Washer is a combination humidifier and purifier that both washes and humidifies your air, without the use of evaporator mats, to produce naturally cleaned and humidified air that's ideal for allergy sufferers. This unit can also infuse essential oils or other fragrances into the moist air it emits, with its integrated fragrance container (the pink item in the photos or video below).

Product Notes:

The Boneco Model 2055A Automatic Air Washer first pre-ionizes the air, which places a charge on the dust, dander, pollen, or other particles in order to make them clump together and stick to the many surfaces on the two sets of specially textured humidifier discs. These discs rotate like a paddlewheel and drop those impurities and particles off into the water, where they get collected by a replaceable Hydro Cell filter. The fan then blows air across this water, increasing room humidity. Unlike many other humidifiers, this evaporative style unit does not require a decalcifying cartridge; its self-regulating evaporation principle automatically ensures the correct level humidity in the room, drawing as much moisture as it needs at any given moment.

BONECO 2055A Air Washer 2-in-1 Humidifier and Purifier

Air Washer units can be used year round, and are particularly well suited for allergy sufferers. The Air Washer can also be used as a 'white noise' machine, as the soft sound will help to mask other sounds. Very eco-friendly, the AOS 2055A uses just 20 watts of electricity.

Accessories and replacement supplies available for the AIROSWISS 2055A include EZ-Cal and Hydro Cell A200.

Download Air Washer 2055 manual and operating instructions [PDF ~4.3MB].

Fresh air and a feel-good climate. Dirty, dry air enters the Boneair / Air-O-Swiss Air Washer and clean, healthy air is emitted throughout your room. With water washing away impurities such as dust, pollen and other airborne particles from your air, even severe allergy sufferers can breathe easier. The Air Washer 2055A automatically humidifies correctly because air will accept only the amount of moisture it is able to hold at any particular temperature. This self-regulating principle of cold evaporation prevents over-humidification. Air-O-Swiss Air Washers are equipped with permanent cleaning discs, designed with scoop ribs and honeycomb structure for optimal air cleaning. 

Removing water tank from Boneco 2055 Air Washer and two shots of its interior

Partial transcripts from Air-O-Swiss Company Product Videos

We all love these moments. An active day in fresh open air, breathing deeply is balm for the body and soul. Dry, dusty rooms, however, affect our health seriously, especially during winter. Our children are the ones suffering most.

The consequences: sneezing and coughing, affected vocal chords, reddened eyes, dry skin. With our help, you can change that. Put an end to the results of dry air by regular humidification, thus improving the air of a room and your well-being remarkably. The distinguished Air Washer system by Air-O-Swiss with innovative technology soaks the dry and dusty air in to release it back into the room, humidified and cleaned.

The advantages are:

* air humidification and cleaning all in one
* there is no need for filter mats
* low power consumption
* automatic shut off when water is low
* the Hydro Cell with activated carbon technology helps keep the unit fresh and clean.

The Air Washer Air-O-Swiss 2055A achieves a better cleaning performance by pre-ionization. With a humidity output of up to 300 grams per hour, it is suitable for rooms of up to 600 square feet / 55-square meters. The Air-O-Swiss Air Washer has two output levels, for normal and for night operation.

Essential oils in the fragrance container provide additional well-being. Due to its automatic shut off when there is no water, the appliance is highly energy efficient. Refilling the removable transparent water tank is especially easy. The Air-O-Swiss 2055A lets you breathe healthily. It can be used year-round, is especially quiet for night use and perfectly suitable for allergy sufferers so that you can feel at home, like in fresh, open air. Air-O-Swiss, improving your quality of life.

....The cleaning is easily. Switch the appliance off and disconnect the power cable. Remove the water tank and the upper part....

...To clean the unit, it is recommend that you use EZCal, which is specially made for air humidifiers. Mix that decalcifying agent with clean and hot water, one pack per one liter, then pour the mixture into the base and let it take effect.

The water tank can also be very efficiently cleaned with EZCal. Also, wipe down the cleaning discs from time to time. The microfibre cloth is the best option to clean all visible components.

The fan is also easily-accessible for cleaning. After a one-hour application time the base can now be cleaned and rinsed. Rinse the individual parts with clean water now. After reassembly, the 2055A can be refilled with water.

Comfort and Climate

The pre-ionization process increases the washing and humidification effectiveness, as tiny charged particles (as small as 1.5 microns) form into larger dust clusters. The humidifier discs act like a magnet, efficiently washing these particles through the water. Impurities such as dust, pollen and even particle-bound odors are removed naturally, similar to how a fresh rain cleans outdoor air.

Energy and Performance

• The aerodynamic grid design optimizes air flow and the use of high-quality components make the Air Washer the quietest unit in its class.
• Very low power consumption.
• Energy-efficient automatic shut-off function.
• Features two operation modes for normal and night-time use, enabling maximum output or very quiet night-time operation.

Technical Data AOS 2055A

• Electrical voltage: 120 V / 60 Hz
• Power consumption: 20 W
• Humidity output up to 3 gallons per 24 hours
• Capacity: suitable for rooms up to 600 square ft (55 m²)
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 14.2" x 14.2" x 14.2" (36 x 36 x 36 cm)
• Weight: approx. 13 lbs (5.9 kg) (empty)
• Operating noise level: less than 25 dB(A)
• Available accessories: Hydro Cell A200

If the water level falls below the minimum the unit turns itself off automatically. The LED lights up red. Upon refilling water, the unit resumes operation. The LED turns green again.


Well water is not recommended for use with dehumidifiers; we recommend water from municipally treated sources.

UPC / Barcode: 834546000411