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Boneco U7135 Digital Ultrasonic Humidifier
Boneco U7135 Digital Ultrasonic Humidifier emitting mist
Boneco U7135 Digital Ultrasonic Humidifier operating in living room
Boneco U7135 Digital Ultrasonic Humidifier disassembled, showing parts

Boneco / Air-O-Swiss - Model U7135 Digital Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Info: Model U7135 / AOS 7135 Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

S&H included in Canada. This affordable digital ultrasonic humidifier from BONECO / Air-O-Swiss uses high-frequency vibrations to turn the water into a micro-fine mist, which is blown into the room, where it immediately evaporates. A replaceable demineralization cartridge (which uses Ag+ Ionic Silver Technology) ensures water mist without lime scale or mineral residues. It's great for rooms up to 650 square feet in size.

Product Notes:

3-Year Warranty.

Accessories and replacement supplies available for the AIROSWISS 7135 include:
the Boneco A7417 EZCal Humidifier Cleaner/Descaler (an on-going product); and the Air-O-Swiss 7531 Demineralization Cartridge, and/or AOS 7533 Refill Granules for Demineralizing Cartridge, and the Boneco A200 Hydro Cell A200, which have all been phased out in favour of the ongoing Boneco A250 2-in-1 Aqua Pro Ultrasonic Humidifier Filter.

We inhale over 10,000 breaths of air each day. Essential to our quality of life is the quality of the air that we breathe. Good indoor air is properly humidified air. As the temperature goes down outdoors, the relative humidity drops indoors, often to a level that is harmful to your well-being. Dry air dries out your body. When your eyes, nose, or throat become dry, you become more vulnerable to illness.

Dry air also dries out wooden furniture and floors, even musical instruments. For all these reasons, Air-O-Swiss has developed the next generation of ultrasonic humidifiers. We are proud to introduce the state-of-the-art Air-O-Swiss 7135 digital ultrasonic humidifier. Suitable for rooms up to 650 square feet, the Air-O-Swiss 7135 is capable of delivering up to 3.5 gallons of moisture per day.

But how does an ultrasonic humidifier actually work? First, ordinary tap water placed in the reservoir flows through a replaceable demineralization cartridge, which softens hard water. The ionic silver stick, along with proper maintenance as highlighted in the instruction manual, ensures your humidifier maintains optimal performance throughout the season.

Next, the purified water passes through a heating element, which allows for the water to be heated to 176 degrees. Warming the water aids in the evaporation process, as well as keeping the mist at a comfortable temperature of 104 degrees.

In the evaporation chamber, an inaudible, ultrahigh frequency vibrating membrane, known as the nebulizer, atomizes the preheated water, creating a micro-fine mist. Finally, a four-step, whisper quiet fan blows the mist into your room, where it instantly evaporates.

Boneco 7135 Ultrasonic Humidifier control panel and internal sensor

Simple and easy to use, the Air-O-Swiss advanced ultrasonic humidifier utilizes the latest in digital technology. When the Air-O-Swiss 7135 is turned on, it is set to the Auto mode. This function, along with the Sleep mode function, utilizes Air-O-Swiss' intelligent temperature compensation technology.

One unique aspect of intelligent temperature compensation technology is the ability to measure humidity with relation to room temperature, and automatically takes corrective action when conditions change. As an example, if your thermostat is programmed to maintain a lower nighttime temperature, the 7135's Sleep mode feature will automatically detect the change in temperature, and compensate for the change in humidity level.

The 7135 has a built-in, digital hydrostat. This allows you to set the specific humidity level you desire and provides you with needed information on the current humidity level in your room. Additional features allow you to choose warm mist or cool.

When the water tank empties, the Air-O-Swiss 7135 automatically shuts down, and the Air-O-Swiss 7135's cleaning function reminds you to clean and maintain your humidifier on a regular basis. Prepare yourself for the dry air season. Protect your health and enhance your comfort. Backed by 50 plus years of innovation, technology and customer experience, the ultrasonic humidifier 7135 from Air-O-Swiss.

All Boneco Ultrasonic Humidifiers use a Hydrostat, so they can be adjusted to a specific humidity level. Ideal level is from 40-60% humidity. Once they reach the level that has been set, they automatically adjust themselves. You normally wouldn’t go higher than 55% humidity, but if you want to, for specific reasons, you can.

Potential consequences of impure air: The air which we breathe every day is increasingly full of harmful substances. House dust, mites, pollen, animal dander, tobacco, smoke, etc. encourage allergic reactions and respiratory diseases.

Potential consequences: Headache, dizziness, irritated nasal passage, nausea, tightened respiratory track, allergies, asthma. lung damage, skin irritation.

Optimal Hygiene for Room Air: Medical experts recommend a relative air humidity of between 40 and 60 percent. At these levels our senses tell us that the air in the room is ideally humidified. Then it is also ideal for our health, for the animals and plants in the room, for furniture, instruments and much more as well.

Digital Ultrasonic Humidifier AOS 7135

Humidification System

The ITCTM technology (Intelligent Temperature Compensation) monitors the temperature and automatically adjusts the output when conditions change.

Comfort and Climate

• Humidifies the air in rooms up to 650 sq ft (60m2)
• Optionally cool or warm 104° F (40° C) humidification
  – Ambient temperature is not cooled down
  – Improved system to keep the water clean
• Powerful and exchangeable demineralization cartridge with silver treated housing (Ag+ Ionic Silver Technology)

Water and Hygiene

• The HydroStick keeps Boneco humidifiers operating at their highest level between recommended cleanings. Good for one year, the Hydro Stick ensures the humidifier’s functionality while functionality while providing fresh humidification performance
• The ultrasonic system, with its high-frequency vibrations, destroys most bacteria and viruses
• Pre-heating the water to 176° F (80° C) also eliminates bacteria and viruses.
• The plastic housing of the demineralization cartridge is silver treated (Ag+ Ionic Silver Technology). That inhibits microbial growth on the surface of the cartridge to maxime filter life.

Energy and Performance

• Built-in hygrostat for controlled humidification
• Mist output control (variable)
• This ultrasonic humidifier is very energy-efficient
• Ultra-quiet operation

Features and Benefits

• Modern design with large LCD display
• ITC(TM) (Intelligent Temperature Compensation) automatically regulates the output to create the most comfortable relative humidity adjusted to the temperature in your room
• Sleep mode: the unit pre-determines a comfortable night humidity level (Timer = 8 hrs, warm mist on, ITC(TM) on)
• Timer (1 to 9 and continous use)
• Transparent water tank (water level clearly visible)
• Long lifetime thanks to industrial strength titanium membrane surface
• Empty and cleaning indicators
• Easy to clean and use

Technical Data

• Electrical voltage: 120 V / 60 Hz
• Power consumption: 45 W (140 W when used with pre-heating to 176°F / 80°C)
• Humidity output up to 3.5 gallons / 24h
• Suitable for rooms up to 650 sq ft (60 m2)
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 15 x 8.7 x 13.8 in (38 x 22 x 35 cm)
• Weight (empty): 7.7 lbs
• Operating noise level: Under 25 dB(A) 


Well water is not recommended for use with dehumidifiers; we recommend water from municipally treated sources.

UPC / Barcode: 834546000220