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Boneco A451 Anti-Mineral-Pads, latest packaging
Boneco A451 Anti-Mineral-Pads, previous packaging

Boneco / Air-O-Swiss - A451 Anti-Mineral Pads

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Info: Package of 6 Model AOS A451 pads

These BONECO / Air-O-Swiss Anti-Mineral Pads (Model A451 or Model AOS A451) are designed to be used with this company's Model S450 steam humidifier. Anti-Mineral-Pads are designed to cut down on the amount of calcification build-up in the vapourizer basin by absorbing much of the fine powder that is left over from the dried-out minerals that were in the water (especially hard water), so you won't have to do a full decalcification treatment as frequently.

Suggested Usage:

Replace the Air-O-Swiss Anti-Mineral-Pad every two to four weeks, depending on the hardness of water used. (Only use one pad at a time.)

UPC / Barcode: 834546000503