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Boneco Model H700 Hybrid Humidifier and Air Purifier, front view
a Boneco H680 Hybrid in a living room
Close-up of Sensor Lens and top of water tank on back of Boneco H680 Hybrid
Removing water tank from a Boneco H680 or H700
various components of Boneco Model H700
Labelled diagram of parts for Boneco Model H700 Hybrid
Benefits of using Boneco App
how to use fragrances in the Boneco H700

Boneco - H700 Hybrid Humidifier and Air Purifier

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Info: Hybrid Humidifier / Air Purifier

Coming Soon! This new hybrid model is the successor to the H680, with some additional features. It is not expected to become available in Canada until late 2022. Alternatively, please see the Boneco's 300/H400 Hybrid models.

S&H included to most locations in Canada. One-of-a-kind in its appliance class. The H700 Hybrid from Boneco is an absolute all-rounder, providing both air humidification and air purification at the same time.

Product Notes:

You can operate it as a humidifier, as an air purifier, or both at once. With an air-cleaning output of up to 190 m3/h (112 CFM) and a humidity output of up to 6.3 gallons/day, either of these units are perfect for humidifying and cleaning the air in offices, apartments, lofts and even medical offices up to 1370 square feet in size.

While the original model H680 could also be operated with a small remote control in addition to its integrated control keypad on top, the new Bluetooth-enabled model H700 has been designed to work with newer smart phones or tablets, with a Boneco app that can run on both Android and Apple devices.

Boneco's innovative filter and humidification system provides air quality comparable that found in unspoiled nature. A permanent washable pre-filter stops hair, pet dander, household dust and other larger contaminants.

The downstream Hybrid filter (which lasts a year under normal use) consists of both an active carbon filter and a HEPA filter. This filters almost all viruses, pollen and absorbs unpleasant odours. Last but not least, the evaporator mat (which can be washed in a washing machine) rotates through the water and humidifies the air, which serves to purify the air even further.

BONECO's H680 and H700 are both equipped with a triple filter system that helps rid the air of odours as well as dust, pollen and other airborne contaminants.

The right humidity is very important for our health. Dry room air in winter leads to skin that cracks and itches. It makes our eyes and throat feel dry. Not only does this affect adults, it is especially true for babies, small children, and pets.

Dry mucous membranes in winter also make us more prone to colds and other infections. The BONECO H700 makes these problems a distant memory. The intelligent automatic controls always keep the air clean and the humidity at the ideal level, even in large rooms.

* 2-in-1 hybrid device: You can choose to operate it as a humidifier, an air purifier, or both at once.
* High humidity output up to 1000 gallons/hour, 6.3 gal./day for room sizes up to 127 square metres/1,370 sq. ft., thanks to the latest evaporator technology
* Excellent air purification performance thanks to the additional HYBRID HEPA and active carbon filter
* Save power and save money: This unit is very energy-efficient, using well under than 30 watts an hour even at full power
* Made in Europe
* 5-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty; 3 Years Warranty against defects on Gear Motor & Fan Motor. Registration with the manufacturer may be required.


* LED display and digital touch panel. Multi-function display with practical reminders (refill water, replace filter, cleaning required)
* Can use a smart phone or tablet to control all functions
* Particle counter and hygro sensor
* AUTO MODE for fully automated use
* SLEEP MODE for low-noise night mode
* BABY MODE perfect for use in a nursery or baby's room
* CLEANING MODE for easy cleaning
* EVAPORATIVE humidification, which dramatically reduces white mineral dust deposits
* Timer function
* Container drawer for the optional use of fragrances / essential oils

Technical Data for H700 Model

Power Supply Voltage: 100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 0.5 Watts on Standby; 2.6W on Level 1, & 26.6W on Level 6
Humidity Output: Up to 6.3 gallons/day (1000 g/h)*
Air-Cleaning Output: 190 m3/h (112 CFM) (CADR)
For rooms up to 1,370 sq ft (325 m3/h)
Water Capacity: 2.6 US gallons (10L)
Dimensions: (LxWxH) 17.1 x 13.6 x 19.3 inches (448 × 347 × 490 mm)
Weight (Empty): 23.6 pounds (10.7 kg)
Operation noise level: from 25 to 46 dB(A), depending on function setting

* For operation without the HYBRID filter in place, depending on the temperature and humidity. The maximum humidity is about half that amount when the air filter is in place.

The H700 uses the same model A681 hybrid filter as its predecessor, the H680. The unit ships with one, to start with. These filters should be replaced annually.

The humidifying part of the machine should be cleaned periodically with the EZCal Humidifier Cleaner/Descaler, which is available separately.

Download the Boneco H680 User Manual [PDF ~1MB] or the new Boneco H700 User Manual [PDF ~600KB]

UPC / Barcode: 834546002231