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Boneco AH300 Pollen Filter
package for Boneco AH300 Pollen Filter for the HYBRID H300
Boneco AH300 Comfort Filter
Illustration of the three different layers of Boneco AH300 Comfort Filter
Boneco A681 HYBRID Filter
Boneco Hybrid Humidifier-Air Purifier with side panel off showing where filters go
package for Boneco A681 HYBRID Filter

Boneco - Replacement Filters for Hybrid Models H300 or H680

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Info: Choice of 3 Types of Replacement Filters for the Boneco H300 or H680 Hybrid Humidifier/Air Purifiers

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The Boneco Hybrid models offer both humidification and air purification functions. Their air purification filters need to be changed about once a year, with normal use. The units themselves, and/or the software application that works with them, will alert you to when it is time.

Product Notes:

The Boneco H300 Hybrid Humidifier and Air Purifier has a permanent pre-filter which just needs to be washed occasionally, and can operate with a choice of replacement filters:

* the AH300 POLLEN filter, which can remove 99% or more of pollen and reduces fine particles (PM2.5) including airborne dust, dust mites, bacteria, mold spores, and other allergens by up to 97%; and,

* the AH300 COMFORT filter, which not only does all that with its initial particle filter layer (which uses a high-performance filter medium to reduce both fairly large particles such as dust, pollen or particulates from the abrasion of vehicles' rubber tires, and almost 100% of many of the smallest particles such as fine dust), but also has a second layer of high-quality activated carbon granulates, which can eliminates odours and harmful gases such as ozone, sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxides, as well as a third, "biofunctional" layer: a special antimicrobial  coating using natural polyphenols (from plants) to bind free allergens and restricts the growth of bacteria and mold on the filter itself.

The Boneco Model H680 Humidifier/Air Purifier Hybrid uses both a prefilter (sold separately, but not yet available here) and this 2-in-1 filter combination, which consists of both a HEPA and an active carbon filter. The HEPA filter decreases the susceptibility to allergies of your family and removes over 99% PM2.5 and fine dust. The active carbon filter reduces smoke and harmful gases like VOCs, formaldehyde, odors, and exhaust. This Hybrid filter should be replaced after every year of use.


1. Remove the front cover of the BONECO Model H680, or press down on all four corners of the top cover of the Model H300 to unlock that cover.

2. Take off / remove the pre-filter.

3. Remove the used HYBRID filter and dispose of it with your regular household waste.

4. Remove the protective foil or plastic wrapping from the new replacement HYBRID filter.

5. Insert the HYBRID filter into the holder as shown on the package for the Model H680, or place it in the same spot as the one you removed, for the Model H300, oriented in accordance with the direction of the downward arrow on the side of the filter.

6. Reinsert the pre-filter and the front or top cover.

7. On the H680 Model, simultaneously press and hold the triangle buttons on the appliance for 3 to 5 seconds to hide the filter change symbol label.

Product Options:
AH300 Pollen Filter (for Model H300) - $49.99 - UPC: 834546001630
AH300 Comfort Filter (w/ Carbon & Biofunctional layers, for Model H300) - $74.99 - UPC: 834546001661
A681 (2-in-1 HEPA & Active Carbon for Model H680) - $104.99 - UPC: 834546000824