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Boneco - Replacement Hybrid Filter A681
Boneco A681 Hybrid Filter
Relative Location of Boneco A681 Hybrid Filter and Pre-Filter
Boneco A681 Hybrid Filter Installation Directions

Boneco - Replacement Hybrid Filter A681

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Info: Replacement 2-in-1 Filter for Boneco H680 or H700 Hybrid Humidifier/Air Purifier; Currently Unavailable

The dual-function air purification filter in the Boneco Model H680 Hybrid Humidifier & Air Purifier (or its successor, the H700) needs to be changed about once a year, with normal use. That filter, the model A681, is available here; its specifications and replacement directions (which are quite straight-forward) are provided in the text and accompanying photos.

Product Notes:

The Boneco H680 Hybrid Humidifier and Air Purifier operates with a reusable pre-filter which just needs to be washed occasionally,* and this 2-in-1 filter combination, which consists of both a high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) and an active carbon filter. The HEPA filter (the wavy parts) removes over 99% of PM2.5 and fine dust particles to reduce the occupants' susceptibility to allergies, while active carbon filter (the dark layer) reduces odours, smoke and harmful gases like VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), formaldehyde, or exhaust.

To ensure that your machine continues to filter the impurities from the air, this Hybrid filter should be replaced after every year of use. The Boneco Model H680 machine will alert you of the upcoming need to do so with the following symbol on its display: a square with the word 'FILTER' in it and curved arrows above and below it, all in red.


1. Remove the front cover of the BONECO H680.

2. Pull / pry out the pre-filter.

3. Remove the used HYBRID filter and dispose of it with your regular household waste.

4. Remove the protective covering from the new replacement HYBRID filter.

5. Insert the HYBRID filter into the same spot as the one you removed, facing in the direction of the arrow shown on its label, on top.

6. Reinsert the pre-filter and the top cover.

7. Simultaneously press the two up and down triangle buttons on the appliance for 5 seconds to hide the filter change symbol.

* Wash the pre-filter under running water periodically, gently using a cleaning brush, if need be. Do not put it back in until it is dry, since humidity can have an adverse effect on the quality of the adjacent HYBRID filter. The HYBRID filter itself can NOT be cleaned. As time goes on, it will appear to be dirty; this is normal, and shows that the filter is working.

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