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Boneco A200 Hydro Cell package
close-up of a single Boneco Hydro Cell

Boneco / Air-O-Swiss - A200 Hydro Cell

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Info: 2 Hydro Cells per package. Sorry, this product is no longer available from our North American Boneco supplier.

The BONECO / Air-O-Swiss Hydro Cells are suitable for use with nearly all the new BONECO dedicated humidifiers and all the older ultrasonic Air-O-Swiss humidifiers.

They are NOT intended for the hybrid humidifiers, however (the H300, H400, and H680 (now 700), which are evaporative rather than ultrasonic), nor for the S250 and S450 steam humidifiers, or the Travel models 7146 or U100.

The Hydro Cell enables optimum functioning of your humidifier between cleanings due to its advanced water maintenance properties. Using the Hydro Cell in combination with the 7531 Demineralization Cartridge helps reduce the white dust output (which is caused by the presence of minerals in the hard water: they leave a residue when the water evaporates).

Product Notes:

The Hydro Cell uses activated carbon protected with silver technology to remove organic impurities and pesticides from the water and to reduce the heavy metal content, including lead, copper and mercury.

Proper cleaning and maintenance instructions are included in your Air-O-Swiss humidifier user manual, or are available on the company website.

The BONECO / Air-O-Swiss Hydro Cell A200 replaces both the Air-O-Swiss Hydro Stick AOS 7017 and the Ionic Silver Stick, which are no longer manufactured.


Activated Carbon

Suggested Usage:

For the purest water quality possible in your humidifier, replace the Hydro Cell every one or two months, depending on the quality of water used.


These are NOT compatible with the Air-O-Swiss model S450 Steam Humidifier.
UPC / Barcode: 834546000619