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Boneco - Replacement Filter for Boneco Model P500
Boneco - Replacement Filter for Boneco Model P500
Boneco - Replacement Filter for Boneco Model P500
The Allergy, Smog and Baby Filters for Boneco Model P500 Air Purifier
Characteristics of 3 Types of P500 Boneco Filters - ALLERGY, BABY and SMOG

Boneco - Replacement Filter for Boneco Model P500

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Info: Three types of Filters Available for Boneco P500: Models A501, A502 or A503

S&H included in Canada. Replacement filters for use with the BONECO Air Purifier P500. Good for one year.

Air purification according to your personal preference or needs. Your choice of:

* A501 ALLERGY Filter (the standard filter that initially ships with the P500 unit)
* A502 BABY Filter
* A503 SMOG Filter

Product Notes:

The BONECO Model P500 Air Purifier filter system is comprised by three types of filters: ALLERGY, BABY, and SMOG. All three ensure the air is cleaned very efficiently, but concentrate more on different things, depending on the type. The filters are all compatible with the same base machine, so if your requirements change -- for example, if you move from a city to the country, the SMOG filter can be replaced by the ALLERGY filter, at any time.

All three filters have similar properties. The ALLERGY filter therefore not only removes pollen from the air, but also dust and smoke, to name but one example. Every filter type also features special properties which enhance its abilities for a specific task.

A501 ALLERGY Filter

Item # 42474 -- The ALLERGY filter was developed to filter allergens out of the air. They primarily include pollen, mites, fine particles or other particles which are found in every living environment.

Advantages: Only someone who personally suffers from allergies can understand the problems which the affected persons must combat. The ALLERGY filter is designed to filter allergens out of the air with maximum efficiency. Pollen, fine particles, house dust, mite excrement and other allergens are trapped and neutralized. In order to achieve the maximum effect, it is recommended that the BONECO Air Purifier be placed in the bedroom at night.

How it Works: Most allergens consist of water-soluble proteins which can penetrate the body very quickly and lead to allergic reactions. These allergens are stopped in the ALLERGY filter by a fleece made of natural polyphenol. Thanks to its special chemical structure, the compound "H2N-C-COO" is created. The allergens become water-insoluble and are therefore deactivated.

Reduces 99% of allergens on the surface of the filter. Decreases the susceptibility of allergies to your family. Filter combination: Pre-Filter + Allergy Filter + HEPA Filter + Active Carbon Filter. Filters: dust, pollen, hair, allergens, viruses, micro-organism, mite, bacteria, germs, insecticides, harmful gases, unpleasant odors.

A502 BABY Filter (Item # 42475)

The BABY filter was developed specially for young families since babies and children react very sensitively to or are actually at risk from bacteria and germs.

Advantages: Babies and small children are especially prone to illnesses. The BABY filter is therefore designed to eliminate viruses and bacteria. This prevents older family members from becoming a disease carrier when they come home, for example, after work or from school. The special enzyme coating of the BABY filter effectively neutralizes airborne pathogens.

How it Works: Most viruses require bacteria as "couriers" to survive. The enzyme coating of the BABY filter kills these bacteria and thus the viruses too. The lytic enzyme also kills pathogenic bacteria such as colon bacillus, staphylococcus aureus and others. In a patented process the enzyme is produced using natural material which does not harm people or the environment.

Keeps your family safe from viruses and bacteria. Filter combination: Pre-Filter + Enzyme Filter + HEPA 13 Filter + Active Carbon Filter. Filters: dust, pollen, hair, microorganism, fungi, bacteria, germs, insecticide, harmful gases, unpleasant odors.

A503 SMOG Filter (Item # 42476)

The SMOG filter is the first choice for city dwellers or heavy smokers. This high-performance filter has a slightly lower effect against pollen or germs. Instead, it develops its effect with high air pollution such as smog, tobacco smoke, kitchen smells or paint work.

Advantages: The principal task of the SMOG filter is to clean highly polluted air. It is ideally used in cities, but also reliably removes tobacco smoke and smells which occur, for example, during cooking or painting. Its activated carbon filter is designed for above-average pollution, which substantially increases the service life of the SMOG filter.

How it Works: The SMOG filter consists of a special HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter layer. The electrostatically charged HEPA fibers improve efficiency significantly compared with conventional HEPA filters. In a patented process the HEPA fibers and the activated carbon particles are combined to achieve the best possible results. The activated carbon is also made of coconut charcoal which is regarded as the best material for removing gases.

Removes over 99% PM2.5 and fine dust. Reduces tobacco smoke, harmful gases such as VOCs, formaldehyde, odors, exhaust gases. Filter combination: Pre-Filter + HEPA Filter + Active Carbon Filter. Filters: dust pollen hair, carbon dust, ash, fine dust, SMOG, tobacco, formaldehyde and exhaust gases.

Filters weigh about 2.2 lbs. Dimensions (LxWxH): A501 - 11.25 x 2.3 x 19.26 in / A502 - 11.25 x 2.3 x 19.27 in / A503 - 11.25 x 2.3 x 19.28 in

Regarding Filter Changes

Filters are consumables. Dust, smells, harmful substances and bacteria are deposited in filters. After a few months the filters become less efficient because they are clogged.

The durability of the filter depends on the filter type and the current air quality. An average service life has been defined based on our experiences and global statistics. It is based on families who predominantly live in cities with high smog pollution.

Your BONECO Air Purifier automatically calculates the utilization period and shows when a filter change is due through the symbol "Filter".

After the filter has been replaced, the interval is reset using a key combination. The symbol is extinguished.

In order to maintain the efficiency of your BONECO Air Purifiers, the filter should be replaced as soon as possible after the symbol appears. Ideally you should always have a packed filter in reserve.

Product Options:
A501 - Allergy Filter - $104.99
A502 - Baby Filter - $104.99
A503 - Smog Filter - $104.99