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Bormioli Rocco 125ml Fido Hermetic Jar
Bormioli Rocco 4.25 oz Fido Hermetic Jar
Features of Bormioli Rocco Fido Hermetic Jar

Bormioli Rocco - Fido Hermetic Jar (4.25 oz)

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Info: Sealing Jar, including large Rubber Gasket

Gasket for Fido Jar

This 125 ml or 4.25 fluid ounce capacity hermetic jar is the 'baby' of the Fido line of canning jars made by the Italian household glass company, Bormioli Rocco. The jar and its lid are approximately* 3 inches in both diameter and height, and are made of completely clear Italian glass, so you can see what's in them. The glass won't absorb odors, and you can use this for either dry foods (such as spices) or jellied or liquid ones, except that these gaskets are not meant to be used with oily or completely fatty foods.

Product Notes:

* Actual Height: 71 mm; Diameter: 83 mm

The lid forms an air-tight seal when it is outfitted with the replaceable rubber gasket shown above and held with the metal clamp at the front, then pivots up and can swing all the way back on a hinge, to fill, serve, or clean.

UPC Code: 8004360061208