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Bormioli Rocco - Frigoverre Square Glass Container
Figures showing how to seal and reheat the Frigoverre Plus container

Bormioli Rocco - Frigoverre Square Glass Container

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Info: 40 oz Glass Container with Sealing Lid

This is a great solution to dealing with the leftovers from a sumptuous meal you'd like to keep fresh without having to transfer it to two sets of dishes or risk having tastes, odors, or chemicals leach into it in storage (or especially when you microwave it). Bormioli Rocco is an Italian company which makes durable, high quality glass cooking and serving ware. This container made of thick clear glass can do both. Paired with a special plastic lid equipped with an airtight sealing gasket and a valve to release the seal on top, you can keep things fresh in the fridge or freezer; thaw and/or reheat them in the microwave; and then go straight to your table either as a serving dish or to eat from.

Product Notes:

This glass container is about 7.5 inches square (nearly - it as rounded corners) at the top rim, and 6 inches square throughout its base, and 6.5 inches high. With a 44 fl oz (120 centilitre capacity). Both the container and the lid are dishwasher safe (use the top rack for the lid).

Suggested Usage:

For air-tight storage: leave at least an inch of space between the contents and the rim of the container. Put the lid on with its valve closed, and firmly press on the lid to push the air out (as shown in Figure 1). To open: press the top button to open the valve, then remove the lid by gripping and pulling up on one of its edges.

For Microwave Defrosting / Reheating: Just open the special valve on the lid by firmly pushing on the raised section of the button. Put the container (with the lid still in place) in the microwave and select the appropriate defrost or reheating program (as shown in Figure 2), TO A MAXIMUM OF 110C/230F. Use oven mitts to take it out when it is done. Remove the lid and allow it to cool down on a plain surface such as a countertop.


For regular microwave use only (and not a microwave crisp/grill). Not for use in a conventional oven, nor on a stovetop or hot plate, nor directly on a flame, nor a pyroceram hob.

The maximum high temperature tolerance for this set is 110C / 230F. Reheating food which is high in oil, fat or sugar content is not recommended because they can quickly reach 200C/392F in a microwave.

For freezing, this set is guaranteed to be able to withstand down to -20C/-4F without breakage. But when you take it out of the freezer, be sure to leave it at least a minute at room temperature before removing the lid, to avoid breaking it. (You can click the valve button right away to put it in the microwave to defrost, however.)

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