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Borner Safety Holder

Swissmar - Borner - Safety Holder

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Info: For use with all Borner slicers.

Cooking is an art that is done with your hands. You shape, paint, draw, sculpt, massage, and form food from nothing you're like a culinary Zeus. You need your hands to continue making fantastic healthy meals from fresh products you have carefully selected. Specifically, you need your hands to operate Borner's excellent line of slicers. You don't want to be julienning some carrots on the slicer and accidentally cut yourself. That's why you need the Safety Holder. This will put some comfortable distance between you and the blades. The Holder will even give you sturdier control over the slicing of the food, meaning you can control everything better.

Product Notes:

Borner of Germany makes the best quality veggie slicers on the market. They are the leading edge in slicing design and technology. The best way to add creativity and flavour to any gourmet meal is to use the Borner line of vegetable slicers.

Suggested Usage:

Recommended that it be washed by hand, but it is dishwasher-safe.
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