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Swissmar - Borner - VPower Mandoline Slicer
Swissmar - Borner - VPower Mandoline Slicer
Swissmar - Borner - VPower Mandoline Slicer

Swissmar - Borner - VPower Mandoline Slicer

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Info: Vegetable Slicer/Dicer; Includes Safety Holder; Available in 2 Colours

Fresh fruits and vegetables are of course the most healthy way to get the natural vitamins and nutrients you need, but in the cacophony of the modern lifestyle, it can be hard to find the time for extensive food preparation. This is why a mandoline slicer can be such an important accessory for those seeking better health, and, when it comes to choosing mandoline slicers, the Borner V Power is an excellent choice.

Product Notes:

With four different thickness settings for plane cutting, and two thickness settings and a dicing feature corresponding to each of the strip-slicing blades (3 .5 mm. and 7 mm. between blades), the V Power slicer also puts safety first, with a child-lock mode and a safety holder to hold vegetables and fruits while shielding your hand from the sharp blades. Furthermore, the included storage unit efficiently stores the interchangeable blades, and all parts of the slicer are easy to clean by hand. There is a two year manufacturer's warranty against material or production defects.

Suggested Usage:

Safety Holder

The included Safety Holder can also be used on any other type of Börner slicer. Its unique design allows you to safely process fruits and vegetables with precision and virtually no waste, while protecting you from the sharp blades. If necessary, peel the fruit before processing. Put the root ends of the onion, cabbage, etc. into the Safety Holder first, so that the knob on top is pushed up. Large fruits or vegetables must be halved or quartered before pushing them into the Safety Holder. Slide the Safety Holder continuously with a light pressure back and forth in the direction of the arrows across the V-blades. IMPORTANT: Do not press down. Let the German precision blades do the work! When you reach the point where nothing is coming through, gently push down the knob on top of the Safety Holder and cut the remainder of the fruit or vegetable. CAUTION: Incorrect use of the Safety Holder may result in injury and will damage the blades of your VPower.

Plane Insert

The plane insert is adjustable in height and can be used in five different positions. The slicer always comes with the plane insert in position 5 (SAFE). Always store the VPower with the childproof lock position (SAFE) after use. To unlock the insert from the childproof lock, push the coloured button on the side bar of the frame with the index finger or with your thumb with one hand while holding the VPower securely with the other hand. Release the insert by light pressure and matching the arrows on the frame and insert. CAUTION: Never touch the insert close to the blades.

Inserting the Plane Insert

On both sidebars of the frame and also on top of the insert, you will find an arrow. Slide the insert into the frame when the arrows on both sides match. The insert now is automatically in position 1. Your slicer is now ready for use. If you would like to cut slices in a different size, push the insert forward one or more levels until you can hear it click into the favoured position. To activate the childproof lock, push the plane insert completely forward until position 5 (SAFE). The blades are protected in this position and will not cut.

3.5 mm. and 7 mm. Inserts

Both the 3.5 and 7 mm. inserts are adjustable in height and can be used in two positions as follows:

Choose your favourite insert and slide it into the frame with the arrows on both the frame and the insert matching. The insert now is automatically in position 1. In this position you can cut strips.

If you would like to cut thinner strips or cubes, push the insert forward until it clicks into position. Using light pressure, slice with a continuous up and down motion for thinner strips.

For dicing fruits or vegetables, turn the Safety Holder 45 degrees before the first cut, and after each cut 90 degrees back before cutting again.

Release the insert by pushing the coloured button and the insert with light pressure. Align the arrows on both the frame and the insert so that the insert can be removed.


Rinse the VPower and the inserts under warm or cold running water with the plane insert in position 5 (SAFE). CAUTION: Be careful not to touch the metal blades. Also rinse the Safety Holder under running water. Place the wet blade inserts in the Storage Box and then attach the Storage Box on the back of the VPower so the unit can now be freestanding to drip dry.


Never leave any of the V-Slicer parts in soapy water in case you inadvertently touch the blades while trying to remove them from the water. Always store your VPower out of the reach of children. Not recommended for automatic dishwashers, as high temperatures and strong cleaning agents could cause damage, reducing the lifespan of the product.

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