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BR Naturals - Black Seed Oil

BR Naturals - Black Seed Oil

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Info: 250 ml (8.4 oz) Bottle; Extra Virgin, Unrefined

First Cold-Pressed, Extra Virgin, Undiluted, Unrefined Black Seed Oil. Nigella sativa or Black Cumin seeds, which are also known as Black Caraway or Black Onion seeds, are used in Eastern European and Indian cuisines, and have been used to spice up Jewish rye bread and flatbreads, and certain savory pastries and cheeses.

Product Notes:

When black cumin seeds are pressed into an oil like this, they retain a spicy, somewhat sharp flavour, and the oil has a fragrant scent which can be a great part of many curry dishes, or can be used in lieu of olive oil to drizzle on cold salads or cooked vegetables. It can also be used as a beauty product: it makes an excellent moisturizer for skin and hair.

In addition to having culinary and topical uses, Black Cumin Seed Oil has been credited with being a harmonizing influence to address many common ailments when ingested.

Some of the purported health benefits of consuming it include:
* Calming colic symptoms
* Combating earache
* Helping decrease nervous tension
* Helping eliminate sinusitis
* Helping fight off bacterial infections, colds and flus
* Helping get rid of intestinal parasites and stomach problems such as diarrhoea
* Helping get rid of headaches
* Helping give energy and counter lethargy
* Helping relieve allergy and asthma
* Helping soothe tired leg muscles
* Helping stabilize high blood pressure
* Helping with blood sugar management and/or weight loss
* Improving digestion
* Improving hair and nails
* Providing immune system support
* Relieving sore muscles, and the pain associated with rheumatism, back ache and arthritis.

There may be other products by BR Naturals available in store or by special order, including a 500 ml bottle of Avocado Oil. Please contact us for details.


First Cold-Pressed, Extra Virgin, Undiluted and Unrefined Black Seed Oil.

Suggested Usage:

Shake bottle before use. Store at room temperature. It may become cloudy at lower temperatures; this is normal, as is sediment settling to the bottom.

For topical use, some suggest applying it to your clean face at night, to use as a nourishing moisturizer; or applying it to your scalp the ends of your hair for a few minutes just before showering, to boost its shine.

For internal use other than as a food, related products advise taking about a teaspoon (5 ml) a day.

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