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Brava Smart Oven

Brava Smart Oven

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NEW! Introducing Brava - the world's fastest oven. The first of its kind ... Brava is light years beyond the oven you know.

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  • Faster: Twice as fast as conventional ovens.
  • Easier: The results you want every time, without the stress.
  • Tastier: Food simply tastes better with Pure Light Cooking technology.

What if you could cook amazing food with very little effort every day of the week? What if you had more time for the things that matter most? Welcome to life with Brava, a countertop oven that can cook a complete dinner in half the time with one tray, all at the touch of a button. It's the first oven to truly sear. Its speed makes food tastier and juicier, and it's smart, guiding you to the results you want every time. This is all made possible by Pure Light Cooking. We harnessed the power of Pure Light to deliver delicious food within minutes, twice as fast as traditional methods. We can go from zero to over 500 degrees in under a second, eliminating the need for preheat.

Let the oven guide you to tender salmon filets with crispy skin, to juicy steaks perfectly seared and cooked to your preferred doneness, complete dinners featuring three different ingredients, each cooked to a different temperature, all at the same time, all on the same tray. No more worrying about over- or under-cooking ever again. For the most customized cooking experience, you can take full control of our lamps, all of this with little mess and only one tray to clean. Use your own groceries and find cooking inspiration in the Brava app, or for busier nights, shop our marketplace for a carefully sourced selection of exceptional ingredients and meals to be delivered to your door. That's why we designed Brava, to give you more time for the things that matter most, connecting, sharing moments, loving what you eat, and how you feel every day. Brava, make home your favourite place to eat.

Our Pure Light Oven cooks twice as fast as your oven. A medium rare steak with a beautiful sear, golden roasted potatoes and tender baby broccoli, all at the same time in under 20 minutes.

Instant On & Automatic Shutoff: We hit 500°F in under a second, so no preheating is required. It's like flipping on a light switch. Automatic shutoff is just as easy and provides extra peace of mind and energy savings.

Simple to cook, a joy to eat: Multizone Cooking Complete dinners featuring three different ingredients, each cooked to a different temperature, all at the same time on the same tray.

Worry-Free Sensory inputs monitor and adjust what’s cooking in real time which means you don't have to. Spend more of your time focusing on the things that matter most and less on what's in the Oven.