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Breville The Big Squeeze Slow Juicer
Breville The Big Squeeze in use making juice
Close-up of inserting apples into feed chute for The Breville Big Squeeze
Close-up of The Big Squeeze spout plug which enables pre-mixing juice
interior of Breville Big Squeeze mixing bowl amenable to Quick Rinse Technology

Breville - The Big Squeeze Slow Juicer

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Info: Model BJS700 with Silver Finish

The Big Squeeze is a slow compression juicer, with an auger screw and filter design. It's powered by a high torque, ultra-quiet induction motor, which is able to slowly turn and squeeze a much larger quantity (often about a third more than traditional methods) of fresh juice from everything from apples or oranges to small berries to tomatoes to wheatgrass -- or even carrots. S&H included in Canada.

Product Notes:

The Big Squeeze from Breville also preserves a little more pulp for the juice than cold press juicers do, which provides more fiber and produces a thicker, smoother texture. And it has two feed chutes: one for the leafy greens or harder vegetables (which you tamp down), and one with the largest opening on the market for slow juicers, which enables you to juice huge chunks or even whole foods at once.

If you're really serious about juicing, you know that the traditional centrifugal types have several serious drawbacks: they tend not to yield as much juice from some items -- particularly leafy greens; and their fast-spinning metal blades generate heat, which can immediately destroy some of the beneficial enzymes in fruits or vegetables being juiced, plus they oxidize their other nutrients, making the juices less nutritious right away and increasing how quickly they degrade. Slow juicers, on the other hand, retain much more of the original ingredients' vitamins, enzymes and minerals, and you can prepare more juice at once to drink over the course of a few days rather than having to consume it all at once.

Big Squeeze Features:

  • Powerful, Low Impact, Ultra Quiet Motor enables low speed extraction with no heat transfer.
  • Direction Control: Features forward and reverse button for easy juicing and unclogging.
  • Two Feed Chute Sizes: Large size for large, soft fruits and vegetables; Small for hard vegetables and leafy greens.
  • Shortened Prep Time: The larger feed chute is currently the largest on the market for slow juicers; it enables you to juice much bigger chunks of foods or even whole foods at once (if there are no large, hard seeds that wouldn't pass through the pulp ejection spout).
  • Nutri Basket Filter: Provides maximum yield and nutrients and is easy to clean between juicing.
  • Juice and Mix: There is a spout plug to enable you to pre-mix your juice for a fuller flavor and texture before pouring.
  • Easy Assembly: There are indicators to help easily fit the various components together in no time at all.
  • Quick Rinse Technology: Spout plug enables you fill up the mixing bowl and completely rinse out the machine in- between different types of juices.
  • Removable Jug and Pulp Bin for easier cleanup.
  • Two-Step Safety Start System: All the parts must be assembled and the lid must be locked in place before it will turn on; this ensures no finger contact can be made with the strong auger.

Product Specifications:

- Dimensions: 17.5" x 10.8" x 15"
- Voltage: 110-120 Volts
- Motor Power: 240 Watts
- Construction Materials: Tritan Juice Jug; Stainless Steel Mesh Filter; ABS Housing
- Settings: Off/On; Forward/Reverse
- Accessories: Juicing Jug; Pulp Jug; Cleaning Brush
- Warranty: 10 Year Limited Product Warranty


The Big Squeeze™ is only designed for juicing the edible parts of fruits and vegetables with sufficient water content. Do not attempt to use it to juice whole grains, coconut, or sugarcane. And do not juice frozen items, or use ice (thaw frozen fruit etc. out before using). Also, remove hard seeds, pits or stones (e.g. from peaches) before inserting the fruit. In addition, hard or inedible skins such as from melons, mangoes, oranges, or pineapples should be peeled or removed before juicing the rest of the fruit.

Do not juice ingredients with high contents of animal or vegetable oil (including sesame seeds, butter, or margarine), or use it for extracting animal or vegetable oil; if they get on the juicing screw or the strainer, that can impair the performance and result in damaged parts.

Also, do not operate the machine for longer than 20 seconds 'dry' (i.e., before or without inserting some ingredients).

UPC / Barcode: 021614250544