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Breville - The Crispy Crust - Pizza Oven
Breville The Crispy Crust, top view
temperature diagram and partial side view of Breville The Crispy Crust
12-inch pizza stone for Breville The Crispy Crust

Breville - The Crispy Crust - Pizza Oven

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Info: 12-inch Pizza Oven

If you're a pizza aficionado who loves a crispy crust right out of the oven, The Breville has the perfect appliance for you. Whether you make it from scratch yourself, or grab one from the grocery store, nothing beats a piping hot pizza cooked quickly and evenly with The Crispy Crust from Breville. 

Product Notes:

Without a pizza oven, it can be hard to get just the right amount of crispiness in the crust without either burning it or the toppings. This dedicated device can cook a pizza up to 12 inches in diameter in as little as 8 minutes (quicker than delivery!), using a stone platter and top and bottom heating elements which heat that oven stone to a high of 660F. 

You can select between thin, medium or thick pizza dough setting to suit the appropriate level of doneness or your preferred style. There's also a built-in viewing window so you follow its progress without opening it prematurely.

Controls: Pre-Heat, Thin, Medium, Thick, Low & Keep Warm temperature settings

Included Accessories:
A removable 12" pizza stone that absorbs moisture and distributes heat evenly for a crispy crust.

Core Construction: Powdercoated Metal.

Voltage: 110 - 120 Volts

Wattage: 1200 Watts

Dimensions: About 17 inches deep altogether from handle to power coil, and 9 inches high when closed. Needs slightly over 21 inches of clearance when lid swings open and stands upright at 90 degrees.

Warranty: 1 Year Replacement

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UPC / Barcode: 021614055484