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Breville The Hot Wok Pro
Cook 'n' Look tempered glass lid with steam vent for Breville The Hot Wok Pro
Top view of a Breville Hot Wok in use through its Cook 'n' Look tempered glass lid
temperature control for Breville The Hot Wok Pro
Interior of Breville The Hot Wok Pro and diagram of its butterfly heating system
Labeled diagram of parts and features of Breville The Hot Wok Pro

Breville - The Hot Wok Pro

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Info: 8 Quart Capacity, 1800W, 15 Heat Settings

Would you like to be able to consistently create big stir fries or other types of Asian cooking quickly like a pro with great control of the temperature, as though you're cooking on gas -- but you don't have a gas stove or even sufficient room on your existing range to do it properly? Want to be able to clean the food-containing part of that cookware in the dishwasher? Then the Breville Hot Wok Pro is for you.

Product Notes:

The Hot Wok Pro has a large-capacity, 15-inch diameter die-cast aluminum bowl with an Eterna, PFOA-free non-stick coating in which you can fry, steam, or braise up to 8-quarts (7.5L) of food at once, and the bowl can be removed for easy cleaning afterwards. It's topped by a see-through, tempered glass lid, with a built-in steam vent, so you can keep a safe eye on the meal's progress while it's simmering or deep-frying.

The powerful 1800 watt element in the stainless steel base of the Breville Hot Wok Pro distributes the heat up through the walls of the metal bowl, and can sear foods to as high as 425F (218C). It is controlled by a dial with 15 precision temperature settings on a removable probe, depending on the style of cooking to be done. (The Hot Wok Pro Product manual [click to download PDF] and the video below give guidance on that.)

This unit comes with a 1 Year Limited Product Warranty, and includes a spatula and steam rack.

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Video Transcription

True Asian stir-fries are cooked fast to seal in the flavour. With 1800 watts of power and high searing heat, the Breville Hot Wok Pro captures authentic Asian flavours. The high wall eight quart capacity is ideal for stir-fries, steaming, braising, and shallow frying. The butterfly heating element gets heat right throughout the entire high wall. For best results allow the wok to preheat for ten minutes on high sear and never place oil or food in the wok while it's heating, as this will cause a poor cooking result.

Heat settings one and two are ideal for slow cooking less tender meat. Three and four are great for casseroles and soups, scrambled eggs and even oatmeal. Five through eight are best for curries and pastas. Nine and ten for shallow frying in a small amount of vegetable, peanut or canola oil. Always cook a few pieces at a time to ensure crispiness and drain your food on a paper towel.

Use eleven through fourteen for vegetable stir-frying which is a healthy way to cook food. The continual tossing motion of stir-frying ensures the food is properly exposed to the heat and cooks quickly and evenly in a couple of minutes. The high sear setting is especially great for locking in all the juicy flavors of meats.

The cook and look lid is tempered glass with a steam vent. Use the included spatula and never metal utensils to avoid damage of the BFOA-free multi-coat system. The dishwasher safe bowl can be removed from the base for easy cleaning. Simply press the push lever to the unlock position, then gently lift the bowl from the base and wash with warm soapy water or in the dishwasher. The glass lid should only be hand-washed and always line the wok bowl with a paper towel before storing to prevent scratching. The Hot Wok Pro, brought to you by the food thinkers of Breville.

Care Instructions:

Removing  Breville Hot Wok Pro bowl from its base

The wok bowl easily removes from the base after turning the quick-release knob on the bottom front, and it can be cleaned in the dishwasher, and the glass lid is dishwasher safe, as well.

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