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Breville The Perfect Press in upright storage position
front view of Breville Perfect Press in position for use
Close-up diagram of Breville Perfect Press crush-control hinge
front and side views of Perfect Press in use, and close-up of its Adjustable Height Control Clip

Breville - The Perfect Press

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Info: 1500 Watt Sandwich Griller, Model BSG600BSS

How to make a perfect thick grilled sandwich every time: toasted and melted to perfection, but without squishing the bread and everything inside? With The Perfect Press, featuring a floating top element/lid (which rotates to conform to different thicknesses) and a Crush Control Counterweight Hinge (which reduces the pressure exerted by the top to just a quarter of what similar toasted sandwich grills do*).

Product Notes:

Bottom view of The Perfect Press showing its spool for wrapping power cord for storage

For open face sandwiches or other items you may not want to press, The Perfect Press also features an adjustable height control to keep the top plate at just the right height to melt, brown, or otherwise warm anything from lofty croissants to flatbreads. And although it's large enough to prepare two sandwiches at the same time, it's no 'Counter Queen' or 'Cabinet Hog': it's designed to enable easy upright storage on its rear foot, with the sturdy storage clip safely locking the cooking plates together, and a spool on the underside to wrap the power cord around (as shown here).

* Just 425g of downward pressure is exerted from the top of the Breville Perfect Press, versus up to 2 kg in comparable units without the counterweight being activated.

Features and Specifications:

3-Position Plate Configuration: Crush Control (for pressed toasted sandwiches); Open Melt (to position the top above the sandwich without making contact); and Lock (for storage).

Adjustable Height Control: suspends the top plate at the desired height above the food item to melt, brown or warm it.

* Easy Clean Design: The cooking plates are designed with wide surface curves and rounded corners to ensure there are no hard to clean places, and given a premium non-stick coating (PFOA-Free) to ensure they will be easy to clean.

Additional Features:
- Floating hinge top plate;
- Ribbed top plate for aesthetic grill marks;
- Flat bottom, 2 Slice cooking plate, for faster, more even cooking & easy clean up;
- Integrated On/Off 'Power' and 'Ready' lights; Cord wrap; Non-slip feet.
- Power on/off switch.

Wattage: 1500 Watts.

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Product Warranty.

Download The Perfect Press Manual [PDF], which has use and care instructions.
UPC / Barcode: 021614058072