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Breville The Precision Brewer Thermal
the Breville The Precision Brewer Thermal Carafe
dual Flat Bottom and Cone Filter baskets for Breville Precision Brewer Thermal
Close-up of Breville The Precision Brewer Thermal control panel
Diagram of Typical Brewing Systems which offer No Control; and Chart of temperature of their output over time
Diagram of Breville Precision Heating System and Chart of its temperature output over time

Breville - The Precision Brewer Thermal

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Info: Model BDC450BSS Coffee Brewer with Stainless Steel Thermal Carafe

S&H included in Canada. Breville Precision Brewer Thermal -- the world's first 12-cup capacity drip coffee maker providing thermal control precise enough to deliver craft filter coffee brewing automatically, and versatile enough to accommodate many different brewing preferences. Whether you want just a couple of cups for yourself or enough for a whole household or office, the precision Digital PID Temperature Control Thermo-coil Heating system with auto drip stop will hold the water and coffee together for the optimal amount of time for many different styles of brewing: Fast, Strong, Over Ice, Gold Cup, or even Cold Brew.

Product Notes:


Power: 1650 Watt, 110-120 Volts.

Adjustable Temperature: The hot water brewing temperature can be adjusted to between 197 and 204 degrees Fahrenheit.

PID Precision Temperature Control: The thermo-coil heating and pump system has PID digital temperature control (a Proportional Integral Derivative controller to regulate the temperature to stay at exactly the specified degree), providing adjustability and precision far greater than a traditional horseshoe-shaped element system, and the stainless steel water path embedded in the thermo-coil delivers water that's more pure than typical brewing systems that use aluminum.

Six Brewing Options:
- Fast: Brew up to 12 cups (60oz) as fast as the brewer can deliver the water in the tank.
- Strong: Brew settings are automatically adjusted so you get a stronger cup of coffee (to facilitate this, increase the amount of ground coffee you normally use).
- Over Ice: Brew up to 4 cups (20oz) of stronger coffee that tastes great when poured over ice and garnished any way you like.
- Cold Brew: Brew up to 4 cups of Cold Brew coffee with the flexibility to adjust steeping time between 0 to 24 hours and have the coffee automatically delivered into your favorite vessel.
- Gold Cup: Using the Cone Filter Basket and water volumes of 1.0L & 1.2L in a brew ratio of 55g of coffee to 1.0L of water, this mode has been certified as meeting the rigorous technical requirements of the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association).
- MyBrew: Brew up to 12 cups (60oz) having total control over all the variables [brew water temperature; bloom time (how long the hot water first comes into contact the with ground coffee); and Fast, Slow, or Medium water delivery speed] so you get coffee just the way you like it.
- For single cup brewing, an Optional Pour Over Adaptor is also available from Breville.

Constructed Materials: Brushed Stainless Steel. Users report that the Thermal Carafe is insulated, and keeps the coffee warm up to 3 or 4 hours without the unit needing a hot plate at its base.

Dual Filters -- cone or flat: this model comes with both a Cone basket insert with a mesh filter (for making from 2 to 8 cups at once); and a Brew basket (for making 8 to 12 cups), with a pack of 10 paper flat bottom basket filters to get you started. (For replacement filters, use 8-12 cup, flat base basket-style filters with about a 3-1/4" (8.25 cm) base.)

Comes with a sturdy Coffee Measuring Scoop.

Also comes with a Water Hardness Test Strip, for you to get a reading of your water supply to enter to make the automated timing cycles suitable to your situation.

Dimensions: 6.73" x 12.35" x 15.6"

Small Cup™ Detection & 'Steep & Release' Technology: Controls water and coffee contact time automatically when making Cold Brew when small, single cup volumes (up to 20 ounces) are being brewed without the carafe in place.

Breville Assist™ Plug: The power plugs of Breville appliances incorporate a large finger hole, to enable safe and easy removal from the wall outlet.

2 Year Limited Product Warranty from Breville.

Download the Precision Brewer Thermal Manual [PDF], which has use and care instructions.

UPC / Barcode: 021614250025