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Breville The Smart Oven Pro, with interior light on
Breville The Smart Oven Pro, shown from right with crumb tray partly out
Breville Smart Oven Pro with door opened after toasting 6 slices
Baking pan, broiling rack and pizza pan for Smart Oven Pro
Two close-ups of Breville Smart Oven Pro display screen during different operations

Breville - The Smart Oven Pro (Refurbished)

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Info: Model BOV845BSS REF

Breville's countertop convection ovens have received numerous awards over the years from a variety organizations and have often been rated very highly by many independent reviewers. The accolades are well earned - these high quality ovens are very versatile.

Info: Model BOV845BSS REF

Breville's countertop convection ovens have received numerous awards over the years from a variety organizations and have often been rated very highly by many independent reviewers. The accolades are well earned - these high quality ovens are very versatile.

Product Notes:

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The Smart Oven Pro

Breville's Smart Oven Pro also features an interior light and a Slow Cook function, making it far more than a toaster and much more of a "go-to" appliance you may find you prefer far more than your existing regular oven or even the stove top, except for extremely large jobs. You can make everything from bagels to roasts to stews in it, and many find that it is better than a microwave for reheating items, since it won't dry them out or make them soggy.

Like some previous award-winning Breville Toaster Oven models, the Smart Oven Pro has 5 Quartz Elements (two on the bottom, 3 on top) and uses Element IQ™ technology to control each heating element independently to suit whatever you're cooking (cycling them on and off, as needed, and providing more heat to the top or the bottom, depending on the task), and it is a convection oven, which uses an internal fan to cycle and distribute the warm air evenly within the oven to even out the cooking (when desired: it will suggest it for some types of food).

This model also adds an interior light (so you can watch the progress of the melting cheese, e.g., through its clear glass door) and Slow Cook functions, so you can slowly tenderize meat or develop complex flavours in soups or stews for between 4 and 10 hours, and then have it automatically switch to a Keep Warm state when the cooking cycle is over so it stays ready to serve.

With 0.8 cubic feet capacity, it's large enough to cook roasts, accommodate many types of cookware (including casserole dishes), toast up to 6 slices at once, or bake a small tray of cookies or muffins, or pizzas up to 13 inches in diameter (a non-stick pan for that is included) -- but it takes up less room than most microwaves, for example. It's also Smart: with 10 preset functions (for Bagel, Bake, Broil, Cookies, Pizza, Reheat, Roast, Slow cook, Toast, and Warm), and the ability to adapt its operations according to whether you are cooking fresh or frozen items -- but it's not overbearing, since you can then customize those suggested settings to your own tastes. And it's powerful: with 1800 watts of power, it can bake up to 450F/230C, and reach its preheating levels quickly -- but it won't heat up your kitchen as much as a full-size oven, and the door handle doesn't get too hot to touch, and it also cleverly has magnets built into the inside of the door to draw the rack out a few inches when you open it, to make it easier to remove the contents without scalding yourself.

Technical Specifications:

  - Capacity: 0.8 cubic feet
  - Pizza Capacity: 13 inch diameter.
  - Element IQ: Automatically adjusts power of 5 quartz elements to suit whatever you are cooking.
  - Convection: Optional convection fan for fast and even baking and roasting. Cooks foods up to 30% faster. Even convection heating is also recommended for slow cooking.
  - Adjustable Rack: 3 shelf heights with magnetic auto eject rack for easy removal of hot items.
  - Controls: Adjustable temperature and time with auto shut off and sound alert on all functions except slow cook which automatically switches to keep warm at the end of the cooking cycle.
  - Pre-set Functions: LCD with 10 pre-set functions including slow cook, bake, broil, bagel, toast, cookies, roast, pizza, reheat and warm.
  - Nonstick Cavity Coating: For easy cleaning.
  - Temperature Conversion Button: From Celsius to Fahrenheit.
  - Frozen Foods Button: Can be selected in the pizza, toast, bagel and cookie functions and will automatically add extra cooking time.
  - Automatic Shut Off Timer: Two-hour timer with auto shut off on all functions except slow cook. Slow cook can be programmed from 4 to 10 hours and automatically switches to keep warm.
  - Additional Features: Oven light, with replaceable bulb.
  - Included Accessories: Non-stick 13" pizza pan; enamel baking tray; and enamel broil rack.
  - Construction: Full stainless steel housing with a tempered, safety, dual-wall glass door and a ribbed plate warming tray.
  - Voltage: 110 - 120 Volts
  - Wattage: 1800 Watts
  - Dimensions: 15 in. (D) x 11 in. (H) x 18.5 in. (W)
  - Warranty: Refurbished units have a 6 month Manufacturer's Warranty for both parts and labour: if a repair or exchange is needed, you call the toll-free number listed in the manual and they will inform you where/how to send it. Please note that all Breville units bearing a refurbished title have been repaired, thoroughly inspected and tested before resale.

Download The Smart Oven Pro Manual [PDF] which has use and care instructions.

Parts and Features:

Diagram of Features and Parts of Smart Oven Pro
Diagram of Controls for Smart Oven Pro

UPC / Barcode: 065988012537