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Breville The Smart Scoop, top view
Breville The Smart Scoop, front view
Close-up of control panel of Breville The Smart Scoop
removing pail from Breville Smart Scoop when it is done
Diagram of features for Breville The Smart Scoop
Parts and accessories for Breville The Smart Scoop

Breville - The Smart Scoop (Ice Cream Maker)

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Fancy some homemade ice cream - especially some you can infuse with your own healthful ingredients like organic cocoa nibs or matcha? Or how about some fresh homemade sorbet, frozen yogurt, or gelato? This can do them all, and all by itself - without a lot of work. With a built-in self-refrigerating compressor, it pre-cools to the optimal temperature for creating your preferred treat; creates it (up to 1.5 quarts [1L] at a time); lets you know when it's ready (with either a beep or your choice of jingles like "Camptown Races"); and can keep it cool for up to 3 hours, if you've gone out or are busy in the meantime. There are 12 hardness settings to choose from, and you can switch between fully automatic or manual functionality.

Product Notes:

Due to the large size (the unit itself is about 16 inches across and 9 or 10 inches deep and high; the box is much larger) and considerable weight of this item, the usual free shipping policy within Canada may not apply; our Shipping Department will contact you with details before proceeding.

The removable metal ice cream bucket / bowl for the Breville Smart Scoop has a nonstick surface, and it comes with several BPA-free accessories shown in the final product photo, including a spatula; a spinning churning paddle/blade; a transparent lid (with a large opening for inserting ingredients such as bits of fruit); and a cleaning brush.

The base has a stainless steel housing with a backlit LCD display panel to indicate the status of the timing and temperature settings controlled by the knobs and buttons on top.

This product comes with a 1 Year Limited Product Warranty, and this Smart Scoop owner's manual which has recipes as well as use and care instructions [pdf for download].

UPC / Barcode: 021614054234