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Breville The Sommelier (in use)
Breville The Sommelier (with empty carafe)
750ml carafe for Breville The Sommelier

Breville - The Sommelier

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Info: 35 Watt, 110-120 V Appliance; with 750 ml Carafe

The So2mmelier is a technologically advanced device which takes just a minute or two to effectively aerate a wine, for most types of wine. Its constant flow of purified and highly concentrated oxygen works sixty times faster than just aerating it on the surface, to produce wine of a consistent quality, no matter when or where in the world it is decanted (e.g., the altitude will not matter), without adding any impurities. 

Product Notes:

If there are wine connoisseurs in your life or if you often host or cater fine dining events, you know the importance of decanting a fine wine to soften its tannins and enhance its aromas to bring out its full flavour. Of course, that can take up to 3 hours or more per bottle using the traditional method, which takes a lot of pre-planning, and sometimes, additional guests may show up, or they may consume more than expected, which can throw things off. And if you decant something too long or there's something problematic about the surrounding air (if it has too much moisture, or is carrying odours, or is dusty), it could backfire, and you might inadvertently impair its taste or mouthfeel, in the process.

To get around those problems, the base of The Sommelier first filters the dust and moisture out of the air; then uses an advanced, chemical-free extraction system to isolate the air's oxygen from its other two main constituents (nitrogen and CO2); and then passes the resulting 90% pure oxygen through a tube in a specially designed decanter, which distributes it out to either side at the bottom so it flows very quickly and evenly throughout the wine.

Diagram of how The Breville Sommelier Carafe functions

Purified and highly concentrated oxygen flows upwards into the specially designed tube inside the handmade glass carafe, then reverses direction and flows downwards and back out into every particle of the wine.

The Sommelier comes with a 2 Year Limited Product Warranty.

Additional 750 ml (25 ounce) carafes are also available for purchase by special order, so you can offer your dinner guests two or more varieties of wines at their full potential 60 times sooner by using 90% pure oxygen. You can also purchase a piccolo sized carafe (with a 200 ml/7 ounce capacity) so you or they can enjoy just a single glass of wine almost immediately, or to quickly breathe life into a favorite whisky or cognac afterwards.

Suggested Usage:

1) Fill the glass carafe with wine, between its MIN and MAX lines.
2) Place the carafe on the main unit.
3) Press the POWER button the turn the unit on.
4) The LCD will prompt you to set the time.
5) Rotate the TIME dial to set the time. The Decanting time on the left is for the traditional decanting time you want the unit to match; the Oxygenating time on the right will be the actual duration for the So2mmelier.
6) Press the START button to start the oxygenating process.
7) The 'READY IN...' label next to the oxygenating time will start counting down to 0.
8) When the process is done, the LCD will show 'READY,' indicating your wine is ready to drink.

If it has not been used again within 30 minutes, the unit will turn itself off.

To repeat the previous cycle within 30 minutes:
A) Simply press the START button to reset the time to the previous oxygenating cycle.
B) Press the START button once again to initiate this next oxygenating cycle.

To initiate a new cycle (with a different decanting time) within 30 minutes:
Press the STOP/RESET button to set the timer to default, and repeat steps 1 to 8 above.

UPC / Barcode: 021614250537