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Bug Catcher Insect Trap, with light on
Bug Catcher Insect Trap, with light on
Box for Bug Catcher Insect Trap
Bug Catcher Insect Trap, side view

Bug Eater - Bug Catcher Insect Trap

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This product is currently unavailable online, but we still have a number of new units available in-store without their original packaging. Those units may also be available for shipping; please contact us for details.

Info: 1 UV Insect Lamp Trap

Shipping included in Canada. The Leading Mosquito and Insect Trap from Australia! Protect your outdoor living. Protect your family and friends. An environmentally friendly, chemical-free insect trap, Bug Catcher is designed to trap and kill mosquitoes and other flying insects, and can be used for home, business and recreation. No harmful attractants or chemicals are used or required, and no CO2 is released into the atmosphere. The Bug Catcher is the most natural way to trap and kill mosquitoes and other flying insects.

Product Notes:

Download the Bug Catcher User Guide (Instructions and Warranty Info) [PDF]

THE ONE THAT REALLY WORKS - Developed in Australia, the Bug Eater is a natural, safe method of trapping mosquitoes, sandflies and other flying insects that bite or carry diseases without resorting to Pesticides, Insecticides or Poisons.

1-year warranty. Mounting bracket included.

Dimensions: About 15 inches across (including handles), and nearly nine inches high.

The West Nile virus is most commonly transmitted to humans by mosquitoes. Help reduce the risk of exposure by eliminating some of the local mosquito population. Remove standing water around your yard and help break the breeding cycle with the Bug Catcher.

Insects are lured to the Bug Catcher by an 8 watt ultra-violet light specially designed to attract biting and flying insects. As the insects approach the light, they are sucked into the water tray below by the fan. A teaspoon of liquid detergent is added to the water in the tray of the mosquito trap, to break the surface tension of the water, so the insect is unable to float on the water and drowns.

A few natural compounds like citronella provide some temporary protection against mosquitoes, but the majority of those tested do not. Bug zappers, the most common back-yard defense, do electrocute moths and harmless insects, but most mosquitoes survive to live – and feed – another day. This bug catcher traps mosquitoes without pesticides or insecticides, safe for organic pest control, all it uses is a little household detergent. Unlike mosquito magnets, it requires no refills. It does not blast bits of bug bodies all over the place, like the mosquito zapper, so it is safe in food areas. No high voltage grid and no poisons, so it is safe to leave the bug eater in the backyard.

Aviva Customer Review

Hooked mine up last night and it had mosquitos, beetles and moths in it this morning - hundreds of mosquitos.

- W. Hazlitt, Winnipeg

The leading Mosquito and Insect Trap ever invented!

* Traps insects.
* Attracts insects from up to 1km directionally
* No zapping noises
* No lures or damaging gases
* No add-ons or ongoing costs

* World-leading entomologists say the male mosquito is attracted to UV light, like as the one used in the Bug Catcher.
* By taking out the males, this breaks the breeding cycle.
* The female mosquito is the biter and is attracted to CO2, only requiring a blood meal once she has mated – hence the biting
* Simple formula: No males = No biting.

diagram of how The Bug Eater operates

Break the breeding cycle. Clean and easy, is there any choice?

Residential - Commercial - Industrial - Agri-Business

The Bug Eater is environmentally friendly – safe for use around, pets, livestock, wildlife and plants. The unit is best suited for mounting on trees at the back of your yard, or on the deck or patio, facing the house. It also works well as a free-standing, portable unit. The Bug Eater is effective for use around residential homes, pools, camping, fishing, picnics, outdoor decks, nurseries and gardens.


Insects attracted to the U.V. black light are forced down into the collection tray by a powerful internal fan pushing into and through the water surface causing them to drown with just a couple of drops of biodegradable dishwashing liquid and some water. The Bug Eater works! The proof is in the plastic tray, which slides out for easy emptying.


No damaging gases or lures required. 100% chemical free. No pesticides, dangerous chemicals or high voltage zapping grids.

* Unit approved to use in all weather conditions and can be used without cover
* Comes with a mounting bracket to attach to post or building or can be used freestanding
* A powerful hidden fan creates a downdraft and blows the insects into the tray of soapy water
* 8-watt Ultra-Violet ‘Black Light’ bulb attracts insects from up to 1km (directional)
* Pull-out tray slides out easily for emptying and refilling
* A squirt of liquid dishwashing detergent in the water breaks the surface tension and the insects sink to the bottom and drown

TRAPS AND KILLS: Mosquitoes, Sand Flies & Midge, Vinegar Flies, Weeviles, Fleas, Coddle Moth, Lawn Army Grub, Wax Moth, Black Beetle, Christmas Beetle, Monolepta Beetle, Indian Meal Moth, Heliothis Moth and more.

* World leading entomologists have proven that the male mosquito is attracted to UV light, as used in the Bug Eater.
* By taking out the Male it ‘Breaks the Breeding Cycle’.
* The Female mosquito is the biter and attracted to CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) i.e. breath and only requires a blood meal once she has mated - hence the biting.
* Simple formula: NO MALES = NO BITING.
* The Bug Eater requires no add-ons, gases or lures therefore no on-going extra costs.

Bloodsucking insects bite to get blood from their victims as a necessary process in reproduction. The biting insect (the female) is attracted by carbon dioxide, pheromones, heat, smell, as well as light. The BugEater targets the male of the species, who is easily attracted to ultra violet black light.

Research has shown a light that emits across the UV spectrum is extremely efficient in attracting most flying insects. The male mosquito is a particular case in point. By targeting the male using UV light BugEater breaks the breeding cycle after only 21 days, eradicating the insects from the targeted area.

With so much controversy on how to kill a mosquito we have the natural solution.

Decades ago we relied on fogs and deadly poisons. Now toxic chemicals are used to kill the larvae and the effect on the birds, fish, plants & animals are a concern - not to mention humans. In spite of all this, the problem is getting worse and has been heading this way for centuries - so how do you kill them without using poisonous sprays? Kill the adult before it breeds and infests again. Drown the adult mosquito and sandfly with 100% kill. This does not hurt anyone or the environment - so simple yet so effective.

Sydney 2000: It only took 53 Bugeaters to help keep Stadium Australia free of moths that were spoiling the Olympic finals. Now there are Bug Eaters: At the Australian Open tennis stadium, at Parliament House, The Botanical Gardens, schools, farms, nurseries, international resorts and many more locations in Australia and around the world including major wineries, commercial and hydroponic growers.

Insect elimination made easy: Reclaim your backyard & BBQ areas without the biting insects and never be eaten alive again. Take out the adult insect before it breeds and very quickly turns one pest into thousands.

Trap and kill mosquitoes and other biting insect in the toughest conditions. No added extras like lures (personal preference options – Lactic Liquid & Octenol) or damaging gases, therefore no on-going costs. Safe to use in all weather conditions without cover.

Protect your yard from lawn army grub/cut worm: Prevent the coddle moth laying cocoons under your eaves. You can reduce your use of sprays, pesticides, and insecticides.

Trap and kill flying insects in agriculture, nurseries, hydroponics, glass houses and crops and reduce the use on pesticides, insecticides and poisons.

Some communities including Winnipeg fog with chemicals like malathion during mosquito season. The Bug Catcher is a safer, healthier way to remove mosquitoes and bugs from your immediate outdoor areas.