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Prepworks - Can Colander

Prepworks - Can Colander

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Info: Light Blue Colour (slightly different than shown)

Tired of nearly cutting your fingers by trying to strain cans with their own lids, or finding that the contents tend to spill out of your existing conventional strainers, or that they're difficult to clean, after? Then try this helpful dedicated Can Colander by Progressive.

Product Notes:

This small* durable plastic colander with a patented design neatly and easily drains liquids -- both from fruit or vegetables and other canned goods in regular sized cans by fitting the colander over it with its bottom side up and turning them upside down to drain while holding the tabs with your fingers and balancing the can between your thumbs (as shown in the left hand panel, below), and from larger cans like salmon or tuna, by inserting the colander bottom side down into the opened can, and flipping them both over to drain while holding the tabs with your thumbs and balancing the can with the outside of your index and middle fingers (as shown in the right-hand panel). Dishwasher safe.

* Dimensions: 3 inch internal diameter; 3-1/4 inch bottom diameter; 1 inch deep; and 4-1/2 inches across, including handles.

Prepworks Can Colander in Use
UPC / Barcode: 078915046048