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Canadian Heritage Organics - Maple Syrup

Canadian Heritage Organics - Maple Syrup

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Info: 500 ml Bottle, Available In Store

These 100% Pure Organic Maple Syrups, by Canadian Heritage Organics, are made naturally with absolutely no artificial additives, colouring, preservatives or chemicals added during any part of their processing, and the other parts of their production (such as the equipment, including stainless steel drums, and its cleaners) all meet Ecocert certified organic standards, as well. They are produced in St-Pamphile, 150 km southeast of Quebec City, in the Appalaches region.

Product Notes:

Three grades are usually available in-store,* in different grades of darkness -- Canada No. 1 Medium; Canada No. 2 Amber; and Canada No. 3 Dark -- which are created during different phases of the trees' production season and have progressively stronger flavours, related to the magnitude in temperature changes from day to day (or from morning to night) at that point.

* Available stock may vary. Normal shipping options are not available for these items, due to fragility. If interested in having this product shipped, please contact us to see if special arrangements can be made to your location.

In addition to these Canadian Heritage brand items, we may also have other brands of pure Canadian organic maple syrup available in our store, including a 250 ml size by Willow Creek and several types by Shady Maple Farms.

Maple syrup not only tastes great, of course, but it also has fewer calories than most other natural sweeteners (it contains 12 grams of carbohydrates per tablespoon compared to 15 for honey and 17 for white sugar, and 202 calories per quarter cup, compared to 246 for corn syrup has 260 for honey); it's easier to metabolize than refined sugars; its rich in essential minerals such as manganese; and it even has antioxidant properties.


100% Pure Organic Maple Syrup

Suggested Usage:

Apply liberally to pancakes, crepes or waffles. Or use it flavour milk, eggnog, shakes, hot or cold cereals, plain yogurt, or smoothies. Keep in a dark cool place if being stored for a long period before initial use. Refrigerate after opening.

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