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Chef'n Burger Machine Burger Patty Press, side view
Chef'n Burger Machine Burger Patty Press, top view
pressing on bottom of Chef'n Burger Machine Burger
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Chef'n - Burger Machine Burger Patty Press

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Info: Spring-Activated Device with 3 Different Thickness Settings

When it comes to burgers, many of the pre-formed patties we buy in stores are excessively processed, and contain unhealthy additives and fillers. The alternative to buying these often unhealthy burgers is to make one's own patties at home, but the process of shaping each patty can be time-consuming, and the results are not standard and sometimes aesthetically disappointing. Chef'n's Burger Press can help solve this problem.

Product Notes:

With three thickness settings, the Burger Press makes burger patties that are uniform in shape and size - just press down, remove the excess ground beef around the edges, and lift to reveal your perfectly shaped burger. Do you like making burger patties at home because you can control the ingredients for optimal health benefits? Well, now you can control the aesthetics of your burger patties too - with the ingenious Chef'n Burger Press!

* BPA-free * 3 thickness settings * For any type of ground meat * Fully disassembles for cleaning * Top-rack dishwasher safe.

UPC / Barcode: 838485018780