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Chef'n Buttercup Butter Maker
Chef'n Buttercup Butter Maker ramekin fillled with fresh butter

Chef'n - Buttercup Butter Maker

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Info: 1 Container with Lid Top and Ramekin Lid Bottom

Perhaps you never grew up on a farm, you lived in the city all your life, and you've never had to make fresh butter. Maybe you did grow up on a farm, but it's been too long since you've had fresh butter, and you want to taste it instead of just remembering. You need the Buttercup Butter Maker, a simple but effective tool for making butter in your own home. 
   You can enjoy fresh made butter just like on the farm. You can also make flavoured lemon herb butter for fish or vegetables, or make honey butter for that extra sweetness. There are tons of options for fresh butter that will complement your dishes. When you control the butter, you control the flavour and ensure it's made from top-quality ingredients.

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Fresh ingredients are the finest, use chef'n buttercup for the ultimate in fresh buttery flavours, add unique and delicious seasonings or enjoy plain.

All it requires is 1 cup heavy cream and some salt. You pour the cream in the transparent cup with clear measurements and let it stand for a while to let the chemistry work its magic. Once the cream is ready, you need to shake it like a maraca and dance the cream into butter. Strain out the buttermilk through the top, and then rinse the butter with water. Add some salt until you've got the butter just the way you like it, and you're done.

For cleaning, wash by hand, or place in the top rack of the dishwasher. Made of BPA-free plastic.

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