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Chef'n Kiwee 2-in-1 Kiwi Tool in package
Chef'n Kiwee 2-in-1 Kiwi Tool
Chef'n Kiwee 2-in-1 Kiwi Tool head
Chef'n Kiwee 2-in-1 Kiwi Tool package directions

Chef'n - Kiwee 2-in-1 Kiwi Tool

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Info: Combination Kiwi Peeler & Scooper, Avocado/Frost Colour

Kiwi fruit is a super rich source of vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E. Kiwis are also a good source of fibre. The only problem is that kiwis have that hairy fuzzy skin that can be quite tough to peel without losing the nutritious fruit inside. The Kiwee 2-in-1 Kiwi Tool will save the day for anybody who has ever tried to carefully peel without losing any fruit.

Product Notes:

On one end of this multi-purpose tool, there is a serrated cutting edge. This will allow you to cut the kiwi in half. The other end has a contoured scoop edge that you will insert and then scoop out the delicious fruit. Sometimes it can be difficult to enjoy healthy fresh fruit because the fruits have developed protection, but this Kiwee 2-in-1 Kiwi Tool will let you bypass nature’s shield to enjoy.

Fun fact: kiwifruit are named after the New Zealand bird, the Kiwi, despite the kiwifruit not being originally native to New Zealand.

BPA-free and top-rack dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 8-1/2 inches long altogether, including the 3-1/4 inch long angled head.

UPC / Barcode: 838485008651