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Chef'n Mushroom Scrub Brush with tag
Chef'n Mushroom Scrub Brush, top view
Chef'n Mushroom Scrub Brush, underside

Chef'n - Mushroom Scrub Brush

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Info: 1 Brush in the Shape of a Mushroom

The Mushroom Scrub Brush is the perfect tool to clean your mushrooms without ruining them. You picked your own fresh mushrooms and they’ve just covered in dirt and soil. You want to add mushrooms to your salad, your lasagna, because they’re delicious and nutritious, but you don’t want to eat the soil they grow in. The nylon bristles of the Mushroom Scrub Brush are powerful enough to clean off the dirt, but gentle enough not to destroy or crush the mushroom. Plus, the Mushroom Scrub Brush is designed in the adorable shape of a mushroom, so it will be fun for your kids to help out with cleaning the fresh veggies. Get them started on a healthy lifestyle early by including them in your preparation of fresh meals with the help of the Mushroom Scrub Brush.

Product Notes:

BPA free, top-rack dishwasher safe.

Fun fact: mushrooms are technically neither animal nor plant, but are their own kingdom. They’re also the most important lifeforce on the planet, because if all the fungi on Earth died tomorrow, the entire biosphere would collapse. So keep growing and eating those mushrooms! We need them to survive!

Suggested Usage:

Hand wash recommended, but dishwasher safe.
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