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Chef'n QuickStick Snack Slicer
Chef'n QuickStick Snack Slicer in use

Chef'n - QuickStick Snack Slicer

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Sticks of raw carrots, celery, or zucchini make great healthy snacks or side dishes for your children's (or your own) lunches and are also a better option for dips than most chips at parties, but they can be a bit of a chore or even a bit perilous to prepare yourself, or far too expensive or in too large a quantity when found precut in grocery stores. The QuickStick enables you to quickly slice longer fruits or vegetables, using two criss-crossed blades in the middle of the unit (which you never have to touch, so they won't nick you -- or your kids), and a plunger with four V-channels to push the items through them. It can also be used to cut smaller foods into quarters whether for cooking or for salads or desserts, such as strawberries, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, or Brussels sprouts.

Suggested Usage:

Remove pusher/plunger from middle, and place the food item in the tube. Replace plunger, and push down, as shown.

If the item is very long (such as a big carrot of a full stalk of celery), cut it in half, first.

Wash by hand (dishwasher is not recommended).

Dimensions: The tube itself is 11 cm (about 4.5") long (not including the plunger), and is an oval shape, about 5 by 6 cm (2 x 2.25") wide, inside.


Do not use on foods with pits. (Or, if you want to slice or quarter a pitted fruit or vegetable such as an avocado, remove the pits first, before placing the rest in the tube, so as not to damage or jam the unit.)

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