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Chef's Choice - Belgian WafflePro 850SE - Waffle Maker
Chef's Choice - Belgian WafflePro 850SE - Waffle Maker

Chef's Choice - Belgian WafflePro 850SE - Waffle Maker

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UPC Code: 087877850112

Info: Professional Waffle Maker

When you're cooking waffles for large groups of family or friends, you feel more acutely than ever the problems of a slow, tired waffle maker - cook times take forever and, by the time you've finished the whole batch, the first ones are already soggy and cooling, or everyone is already done eating. Why not solve this problem today with Chef'sChoice commercial quality Professional Belgian WafflePro Model 850SE?

Product Notes:

In only 90-120 seconds, this waffle maker cooks waffles exactly to your liking - by varying cook times, the Taste-Texture Select feature lets you decide whether your waffles will be crispy or soft and chewy. The waffle griddle is made of non-stick material, and is designed to distribute batter evenly for uniform cooking. The rapid reheat time makes it perfect for continual cooking, while the "ready" beeper, countdown timer, and sleep mode make waffle making that much easier. And for easy cleanup, the WafflePro has an overflow channel to avoid messes, while the cord tucks neatly into a compartment included for storage. Tired of tired waffle makers? No more -- with Chef's Choice WafflePro 850SE!

Be sure to check out Aviva's gluten-free healthy waffle recipe, including buckwheat, PanaChia, hemp, and flax, for the healthiest, best tasting waffles you've ever had.

Four deep-pocket delicious Belgian Lace Waffles 90-120 seconds. This professional and technologically advanced waffle maker is both elegant and rugged, and creates family size Belgian waffles that will delight the most discerning taste buds.

Satisfy Big Appetites: Pockets deep enough to fill with the most inspired creations and tasty enough to be eaten plain. No matter how the waffles are eaten, whether filled or topped with sumptuous or savory, they stay crispy and never taste soggy, or doughy. This unit makes four delicious oversize waffles at one time, enough to satisfy the appetites of a family of four.

In addition to offering great tasting, crispier waffles in less than two minutes, the new the 850SE is the only professional home waffle maker that lets you select colour, texture, time and temperature control in one state of the art machine. Much like an advanced home oven, you can independently adjust time and temperature to create the perfect waffle texture, colour, and taste.

Revolutionary Baking System: The secret of this breakthrough waffle maker is its unique QuadPlus Baking System, which provides twice the heating elements of conventional waffle makers and a separate Texture Control button. Simply press the button to choose either fast bake for crisper waffles with a soft, oven fresh moist interior or deep bake for a more uniform texture. To personalize even more, adjust the baking time to the nearest second. The batter drop is sensed automatically and a unique timer display starts the baking time countdown the moment the batter is spooned into the waffle plates. A 'waffle ready' beeper and light notifies user that the waffle is ready to be enjoyed.

Flip-Free! With the WafflePro 850 there is 'no need to flip' the waffle maker for uniform batter distribution. The flow patterns are engineered to fully fill the waffle plates, insuring extraordinarily uniform batter distribution superior to the 'flip' type.

The Belgian WafflePro 850SE is always ready to bake with the incredibly fast heat-up, short bake and quick recovery time features. It also features a Sleep-Mode which allows you to take a break in between bakes to sample the taste sensations!

The 850 not only makes baking a pleasure and eating its creations a delight, but clean up is a breeze with the easy-clean overflow channel design. The space-saving upright storage feature is also a plus and includes a convenient built-in cord storage compartment.

This professional heavy-duty waffle maker not only offers revolutionary features but boasts a sophisticated and elegant stainless steel design.


Waffle Plates: Cast aluminum grids with non stick coating
Bake Time: 90-120 seconds
Heating System: Embedded dual coils-upper and lower plates
Instant Heat Recovery: Yes
Waffle Thickness Uniformity: Yes-floating hinge
Taste/Texture Select Option: Yes
Colour Control: Yes
Wattage: 1750/ETL approved
Yield: Four 4-inch square waffles
Weight: 9.39 lb
Length: 12-3/8 inches
Width: 12-1/8 inches
Height: 3-7/8 inches
Warranty: 1 year
Includes: Instruction manual with recipes

ChefsChoice, maker of the world's finest waffle makers, has created the professional Belgian Waffle Maker Model 850-SE for the waffle connoisseur. The result of more than five years of intensive research, the 850SE creates an entirely new taste sensation for a full depth Belgian Waffle. By creating a new design for the pocket ribs and walls of the conventional Belgian Waffle, ChefsChoice has created a thinner, crispier waffle, sharply in contrast with the thicker more doughy conventional waffle. The result is an exciting new taste experience for the waffle lover.

What's more, you will be thrilled by the remarkable consistency, the uniform thickness and colour of each fully formed waffle – every waffle the same as the last. No longer is it necessary to "flip" your waffle maker to obtain perfectly shaped waffles that are evenly filled and uniformly baked. The secret is a novel venting system developed by ChefsChoice that uses the steam generated during initial baking to push the waffle batter evenly into the extreme corners of the square design, where the excess steam is allowed to selectively escape by controlled venting. The result is a picture - perfect waffle.

Highly advanced electronic circuitry allows you, for the first time in any waffle maker, to select the baking rate – to vary the taste and texture with independent control of baking temperature and baking time. It even automatically detects the "batter drop" on the waffle plate and starts the baking timer for you allowing you to create a new, lacier waffle either with a crispier exterior or with a more uniform texture throughout.

Simply make your selection, sit back and enjoy a lifetime of the world's finest waffles.

Waffle Basics

A perfect waffle is no accident! Superb waffles begin with a good recipe but depend on a versatile waffle maker to fully develop the flavour, texture and aroma matched to your taste.

Some of us prefer a waffle with a moist interior like freshly baked bread. Others want a uniformly crunchy waffle, one that is baked slowly with less interior moisture. You may like to bake breakfast waffles that are crisp on the outside and fluffy inside, or you may want a waffle, destined to be served with a scoop of ice cream, that is crunchy throughout. The Belgian Waffle Pro incorporates the unique QuadPlus baking system to ensure that you can bake the way you prefer. It works as follows: The "Crispy Exterior/ Moist Interior" setting gives you a fast bake. The "Colour Adjust" setting controls the surface baking temperature of the waffle and determines its colour. To get a crispy exterior with a contrasting steamy aromatic interior you need a waffle maker that can bake fast. The Belgian WafflePro is unique among all waffle makers in its ability to cook rapidly enough to create this delicious combination. Waffles made with the crispy Exterior/Moist Interior setting will retain more of the freshly-baked aroma and flavour. The degree of exterior crispness will depend on the recipe and the Colour Adjust setting.

The "Uniform Texture" setting gives a slow, deep bake. Waffles made with the this selection will be more evenly baked throughout their thickness. They will have a crunchy and drier texture. The amount of moisture retention will depend on the Colour Adjust setting and bake time. Generally the Color Adjust setting will be 2 settings lower and the baking time will be about twice as long as that used with the Crispy Exterior/Moist Interior setting.

UPC Code: 087877850112