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Chef's Choice - Classic WafflePro 852 - Waffle Maker

Chef's Choice - Classic WafflePro 852 - Waffle Maker

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Info: Waffle Maker

Remember when waffles were only for the weekends when Mom and Dad had more time? The Classic WafflePro puts waffles back on the menu everyday! This elegant new waffle maker bakes two delicious waffles in just two minutes or less! Enjoy the fresh taste and delicious aroma of these perfect homemade waffles that will delight the most discerning palates from children to adults.

Product Notes:

Ideal for homemade or quick mix batters, the WafflePro® M852 features a superior non-stick easy release coating and consistent even heating that guarantees beautiful waffles uniformly cooked inside and out for the perfect tasty treat. It quickly recovers its temperature so it’s always ready to bake and feed even the biggest of appetites. The top waffle plate is attached with a floating hinge to ensure uniform thickness and even baking. A convenient, easy open latching handle combined with a built-in cord storage compartment allows this waffle maker to be efficiently stored in a space-saving upright position.

UPC Code: 087877852000