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Chef's Choice - Classic WafflePro Waffle Maker, Model 854

Chef's Choice - Classic WafflePro Waffle Maker, Model 854

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Info: Model 854 Waffle Maker and Recipes

Chef's Choice Classic WafflePro Model 854 bakes four crispy, warm waffles in less than three minutes. This superior quality waffle-maker boasts adjustable "Taste/Texture Select" technology, offering two palate-pleasing preferences: the Fast Bake setting bakes waffles that are moist inside and crisp on the outside, while the Slow Bake speed creates a more uniform crisp waffle throughout.


WafflePro 854

- Taste/Texture Select, Colour Control
- LED lights indicating waffle status - baking/ready, “ready” beep for finished waffles
- top-quality non-stick/easy clean coating
- floating style hinge adjustable for varying batter amount and for even waffle thickness
- accurate temperature control for precise and even baking
- space-saving built-in cord storage
- includes recipes.

Suggested Usage:

Waffles brighten any brunch, mealtime or festive event. Chef’s Choice makes them a breeze to prepare, and will have your family and friends asking for them whenever it’s your turn to host!

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