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Chef's Choice - FlexHone/Strop, Model 320 - Electric Knife Sharpener
Chef's Choice - FlexHone/Strop, Model 320 - Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef's Choice - FlexHone/Strop, Model 320 - Electric Knife Sharpener

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Info: 2-Stage Sharpening & Stropping/Polishing Device

Chef's Choice Diamond Hone FlexHone/Strop #320 creates edges of hair-splitting sharpness in just seconds! It's extremely fast and easy to use. Use it on all your quality kitchen, sporting and pocket knives. You will find it is a joy to sharpen and use your knives. The high precision angle guides eliminate all guesswork.

Product Notes:

Remember, a sharp knife is a safe knife because you expect it to be sharp, so you respect it and it requires less force to cut. This professional, two stage Diamond Hone electric knife sharpener incorporates conical 100% diamond coated disks in Stage 1 and a revolutionary stropping/polishing disk in Stage 2, to create an edge of unprecedented sharpness and durability on straight edge and serrated knives. Enjoy this new stropping/polishing technology that resharpens with less metal removal than conventional means, even less than sharpening steels.

The World's Most Advanced Sharpening Technology

  • For straight edge and serrated blades
  • Incredibly sharp edges - better than razor sharp
  • Durable, longer-lasting edges
  • Unbelievably fast
  • For gourmet, butcher, sporting and serrated knives
  • 100% diamond hone - guaranteed to never detemper
  • Totally safe for quality knives
  • 2-stage sharpening
  • Unique stropping and polishing stage
  • UL or ETL and Canadian approval
  • Assembled in the U.S.A.
  • 2 year limited household warranty.

Suggested Usage:

For straight or serrated edged knives. Make sure the knives are clean before sharpening.


Knives properly sharpened on your Chef's Choice will be sharper than you expect. To avoid injury, use and handle them with extreme care. Do not cut toward any part of your fingers, hand or body. Do not run finger along edge to test for sharpness! Store in a safe manner.

UPC / Barcode: 087877003211