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Chef's Choice - Ice Cream Cone Holder

Chef's Choice - Ice Cream Cone Holder

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Info: Model 838CH Ice Cream Cone Holder

This stainless steel finished stand was primarily designed to accompany Chef's Choice's Waffle Cone maker,* but of course it can also stand alone and be useful for people who buy their own ice cream or drumstick cones and tend to fill and/or serve more than a single one at a time.

The unit is fairly small (8 inches wide, and 3-1/2" tall), but it's surprisingly strong and stable, thanks to its weighted 4 inch diameter base. The coiled ends taper between 1-1/2 and 1 inches, and can hold even densely packed 3 to 4" diameter cones quite securely without tipping over (regardless if there are an even number to balance). The arms rotate, Lazy Susan style.

(Of course, one might also find other uses for something can hold up to four conical items at once, such as temporarily holding wrapped bouquets of flowers.)

Product Notes:

* This is a perfect companion to the Model 838 to keep the waffle cones' shape after rolling; just place the cooling cones in the holder until they reach room temperature before storing or filling and serving them.
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