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Chef's Choice - PetitePie Maker, Model 860

Chef's Choice - PetitePie Maker, Model 860

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Info: Pie maker, pastry press & cutter and recipes.

Alternate view of the PetitePie Maker showing its top

Make four elegant, marvelous mini-pies in mere minutes! Create custom filled 4-inch diameter pies quickly for any meal or snack. Professional quality from Chef's Choice, the PetitePie Maker includes recipes, a pastry press, and a pastry cutter.

Product Notes:

Pecan pies made in a PetitePie Maker

Features of this superior kitchen appliance include: an excellent, easy to clean non-stick coating; a built-in crimped edge design for beautifully sealed edges on each pie you press; LED lights showing "baking" and "ready" status, digital timer, "ready" beep to signal end of cook time; and a handy cord wrap for easy storage.

Add a touch of class quickly to any meal with this excellent addition to your appliance repertoire. Make some yummy Breakfast Quiches, or pair a salad or soup with a prettily plated pie (whether a Shepherd’s Pie, an Opened Face Reuben or Rachel, a Quick and Easy Chicken Pot Pie, or even a Cheeseburger Hand Pie), or delight dessert lovers with their own personalized pie for dessert. Fast finesse at your fingertips leaves you more time to visit with guests and family while enjoying eye-catching and mouth-watering pies like these mini pecan pies, or the broader sampling below.

For those who do not have the time or inclination to make their own dough, please be advised there are many trademarked products pre-made mixes and doughs available which can be used in the PetitePie™ Maker, including: General Mills Bisquick®, Pillsbury Hungry Jack® Biscuits, and Pillsbury® pre-made Pie Crusts.
A sampling of pies made in a PetitePie Maker, on two trays

Suggested Usage:

Use as often as inspired! There’s nothing like a fresh baked pie to satisfy that comfort food craving, and add elegance to any meal.

UPC / Barcode: 087877860005