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Chef's Choice Pizzelle Pro Express, shown opened up
Chef's Choice Pizzelle Pro Express, opened after use
rear side of Chef's Choice Pizzelle Pro Express when opened up

Chef's Choice - Pizzelle Pro Express

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Pizzelles can be very tricky to do right on an electric appliance, but the Chef'sChoice PizzellePro can bake three entertainment size (3 inch diameter) pizzelles to perfection in just 60 seconds, thanks to its non-stick baking surface; temperature dial; and unique locking latch, which ensures uniform thickness and baking. This iron also has indicator lights to show when it is "baking" and "ready," and an overflow channel for any excess batter to drain from, to make cleanup easier.

Product Notes:

Pizzelles are traditional Italian waffle cookies which are made very thin and sometimes include rather ornate patterns. They can either be served flat individually, as cookies; or combined, into sandwiches, or rolled into cylinders or cones, and filled with fruit, whipped cream, cream cheese, cannoli cream (ricotta blended with sugar) or hazelnut spread.

Pizzelle Pro Express

The Pizzelle Pro Express includes a Cannoli rolling form (and a batter spoon, in some cases); a number of delicious, authentic recipes; and a one-year limited warranty. Its cord can be wound into the base to enable you to store it upright, to take up less space.

UPC / Barcode: 087877835102