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Chef's Choice - Waffle Cone Maker (Express)

Chef's Choice - Waffle Cone Maker (Express)

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We often think of healthy living as a matter of paying attention to the "big" health issues and trends, whereas arguably health is in the details. Yes, you can make major changes to your diet and lifestyle, but what really count are the smaller health-conscious decisions you make and the habits you practice daily. And this precisely is why you need Chef's Choice Waffle Cone Express.

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No, you don't absolutely need waffle cones for good health or any other reason. But making sure your healthy lifestyle is enjoyable is a key to sticking with this lifestyle, and homemade waffle cones are a luxury you can afford if it encourages you to keep caring about your health. The Chef's Choice WaffleCone Express gives you complete control over your cone-making experience, not only with regard to the healthy, organic ingredients that go into your cones, but also with regard to texture and cooking time. Pair this machine with healthy frozen yogurt or ice cream from your ice cream maker, and you'll find that practicing good health isn't a burden, but a pleasure!

WafflePro 838SE

Ready in two minutes! Waffle Cone Express features "baking" and "ready" indicator lights, temperature recovery for continuous baking, baking time selection for crispier or softer cones, and an easy-to-clean overflow channel for minimizing batter messes. Includes recipes, cone rolling form, and a manufacturer's one-year limited warranty. Scoop and cone holder not included.

UPC Code: 087877838103