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Clapham's Beeswax - Leather Dressing

Clapham's Beeswax - Leather Dressing

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Clapham's Beeswax Leather Dressing waterproofs leather without the use of silicones and notably meets standards for museum conservation work. Leather absorbs the beeswax based dressing, and becomes softer and more supple, as well as waterproof. May be used on all types of leather except for brushed leathers and suedes. Dressing results in a soft shine on leather, not a polish. A bright shine can be achieved by using a shoe polish after restoring the leather with the Beeswax Leather Dressing.

Product Notes:

Hello, I'm Roger Clapham from Clapham's Beeswax products, and I'd like to show you how we use our beeswax leather dressing.

It's easy to use, it's got a thick constituency, it's safe, non-toxic, so here we go. This product absorbs into the leather itself, and in that way it's completely different to shoe polish. It has some shine to it, but it's not a polish, it is a leather dressing, and it's suitable for belts and boots and shoes.

So use your judgment, put some on and then maybe leave it overnight, and if the leather still looks rather dry the next morning, don't worry about it, just put some more leather dressing and rub it in gently, and the leather itself, will take up as much as it wants.

You can use it on leather furniture and it will give a lovely, soft gleam. It will not make it shiny, because we don't want leather to look shiny, but we do want some bounce light off it for a nice, I call it a fat shine, and beeswax is famous for a fat, gleaming shine.

We had a customer who lost her favourite handbag in the ocean and it was ruined, and she was heartbroken. She didn't want to throw it away, so she left it in her closet where it was no use to anybody, and one day she bought this product and applied it as we say, and it was like new again. She was very pleased about that. We can't guarantee that this will bring all old leather wear back to life, but it does absorb right into the structure of the leather, and it does bring leather back to life.

Here's another piece, which is the leather top of a tripod stool. You could think of this as being rather similar to horse riding saddles and tack, the same thing's going on here with the stitching and the leather. That's some very nice feedback which we get from equestrian friends. There it is, and this will continue to absorb into the leather, or if we like as before, I can take some paper towel and wipe off the excess like this.

The people who tan the leather remove all of the natural oils from the leather because they have to. If they didn't remove the natural oils, it would all go rancid and it would rot. When we buy new leather, it has not had a dressing applied to replace the oils which were removed during tanning, because as leather wear gets a little older and it needs a helping hand, this is what to use partway through its life cycle.

It's also an investment, so to invest in a good leather dressing pays off in the life of what is hopefully a really nice leather.

That's the underneath of a three-legged stool cover. Here's the top surface after we've applied the leather dressing on this, into the leather on this side. There again, from the underneath.

Suggested Usage:

Rub polish into leather until it looks supple, leave to dry overnight and then buff the surface gently. Suitable for antique or modern leather: accessories, apparel, books, coats, footwear, furniture, and saddles and riding tack. Aged, brittle, dry and dull leather may absorb a large amount of Leather Polish before becoming lustrous and supple. Follow with leather or shoe polish if you desire a shinier finish once leather has become adequately conditioned.


Not for use on brushed leather or suede. Contains mineral spirits; flammable, poisonous. Fumes may catch fire and may be harmful.

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