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The Coconut Tool - Coconut Meat Remover

The Coconut Tool - Coconut Meat Remover

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Info: Tool for Extracting Edible Parts of Coconut

Fresh coconut can be very good for you -- and tasty. But unless you're good at wielding a huge machete or can drop it from 30 feet‚ it can be devilishly difficult to open coconuts and extract their meat, so Hugh Wegwerth, a Minnesota chiropractor, set out to develop and perfect this specialty tool, which he demonstrates in the video below.

Product Notes:

It turns out one can crack a coconut in half easily enough by tapping all around its middle with a regular or a ball peen hammer. Then insert the curved stainless steel blade of this sturdy tool into the crack to first pry open and completely separate the two halves. Then slide its tip along the inner wall of each half and lift the coconut meat / flesh away in sections. This might need to be done every inch or so, or every five inches or so, depending on the fruit's ripeness (which can vary even for the two halves of the same coconut, as the video shows).

The Coconut Tool

The ergonomic, easy-grip handle with silicone coating is 4 inches long and over an inch in diameter, and the curved blade is about 5 inches long and up to 3/4" wide. Dishwasher safe.

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