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Contour - Kabooti 3-in-1 Donut Seat Cushion
kabooti 3-in-1 Donut Seat Cushion features

Contour - Kabooti 3-in-1 Donut Seat Cushion

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Info: Seating Wedge, Donut Ring, Coccyx Cushion

Tired of traditional donut ring cushions that don't provide enough comfort and support? The Kabooti gives you 3 cushions in 1: seating wedge, donut ring, and coccyx cushion. Together this one-piece molded support foam cushion gives you the stability, comfort, and support that you need all day long.

Product Notes:

The center oval cut-out provides relief from hemorrhoids, surgeries, and other medical conditions. The coccyx cut-out reduces pressure on the tail bone, and along with the center oval cut-out, provides additional airflow for comfortable seating. The corner lobes of the cushion provide stability against movement and the tapered front edge makes it easy to accommodate tables, desks, as well as different driving positions. In addition, with its stretchable fabric cover it is discreet enough to take anywhere and is machine washable. Don't let uncomfortable seating get in the way of your activities; with the Kabooti 3-in-1 Donut Seat Cushion you can pamper your bottom wherever you go.

3-in-1 Donut Seat Cushion in cover

The cushion looks similar to this when covered, although in a slightly darker navy blue. The components of the cushion underneath the 100% Polyester, machine-washable cover are shown in the second main product photo.

Overall Dimensions:
17.5" Wide by 13.5" Deep by 3.25" High, tapering to 1.5" High
Coccyx Cutout: 3" Wide
Donut Ring Cutout: 7.5" Wide x 3" Deep

UPC Code: 737709003925