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Cooks Innovations - Zip Whisk

Cooks Innovations - Zip Whisk

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Info: Stainless steel, 14 in.

Some things you can whisk by hand. And for some recipes you need an electric mixer. But for the in-between kind of jobs, there's Cooks Innovations' Zip Whisk. Simply position the whisk so the whisk end rests on the bottom of your mixing bowl . When you move the whisk handle gently up and down, the whisk rotates, whisking your ingredients with minimal effort. Perfect for those recipes and tasks that require just a little more hand-mixing than is practical, the Zip Whisk is great for mixing omelettes and smoothies, as well as for whipping cream, preparing mayonnaise, and frothing milk.

Product Notes:

Dishwasher safe.

Suggested Usage:

The Zip Whisk is particularly easy to use. Pushing the handle down rotates the whisk. By the same moderate upward and downward movement on the handle you can mix like a pro, and all without the use of batteries. Use a suitable glass or plastic bowl for mixing.
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