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Relaxus - Multi-Style Cooling Wrap (Grey)

Relaxus - Multi-Style Cooling Wrap (Grey)

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Want instant cooling relief while you go about your outdoor chores or sporting or recreational activities in hot weather, but are loathe to don that worn out "Straw hat and old dirty hankie" anymore? Finding you don't really have the knack to tie a bandana well or that it keeps slipping off? This cooling wrap can be worn in a variety of ways: as a bandana (around your skull); as a headband (rolled up just around your forehead); as a scarf (whether just around the neck or also pulled halfway up your face); or even as a hood (over you whole head except your face).

Product Notes:

Just immerse the Cooling Wrap in cold water first (and wring out the excess water) to get up to 5 hours of relief per immersing. Made of polyester, it's soft and lightweight, easy to care for, and will stand up to repeated use.

Suggested Usage:

Immerse towel in cool water until it is completely soaked. Wring it well to remove excess water, and shake it out a bit to remove the last drips. Place the towel anywhere on your body that needs instant cooling.

Care & Cleaning: After use, rinse towel thoroughly with clean water (use light detergent if necessary), wring out excess moisture, and then allow to hang dry. If heavily soiled, machine-wash cold with like colours.

UPC / Barcode: 628949004967