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Cuisinart - Hurricane Compact Blender

Cuisinart - Hurricane Compact Blender

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Info: Model CPB-380C Blender Kit

S&H included in Canada. If you want a trusted name brand blender to make smoothies and sauces or dressings, you don't need to break the bank to get a huge, superpowered one ... get what you really need! Cuisinart's new COMPACT version of their Hurricane Blender line has a powerful enough to break down whole fruits and vegetables into delicious smoothies or even to grind coffee beans, and comes with a generous amount of accessories, making it quite versatile, and a great value.

Product Notes:

Photo of a Cuisinart Hurricane Compact Blender in use showing various types of fruits, vegetables or smoothies in its different containers

The Hurricane Compact Blender is bound to see a lot of action as a personal blender, to prepare healthful, nutritious smoothies to start off your day or after workouts; or to whip up hot caffeinated beverages; or even to prepare an old-fashioned ice cream shake. And to that end, to simplify your life (and reduce the need for washing), the 16 ounce (500 ml) blending vessels themselves double as travel cups, and they come in two types: one with a single wall, for when you intend on drinking it right away (or want it to change temperature); and one with double walls, which can keep the contents hot or cold longer, and also make it less slippery or hot or cold to the touch. The unit comes with a total of three lids for them: one with no openings, for storage (for if you want to make something the night before and keep it in the fridge), and two which can be twisted partially open to drink from or to insert a straw (it even comes with four 4 heavy-duty reusable straws, for that purpose).

But this new Cuisinart model isn't just a personal blender: it also rivals bigger blenders' performance by having a 1+ Peak HP motor capable of crushing frozen fruits or vegetables, and it comes with a much larger 1 Litre / 32 ounce jar that's big enough to prepare enough for two or more people at once, plus it comes with chopper cup, for mincing herbs, spices or nuts or for creating pesto or other types of sauces.

Specifications and Included Parts or Features:

* 1+ Peak Horsepower Motor
* Rotary Dial Controls, with three modes: Pulse, Low & High
* 32 ounce BPA-Free Tritan Jar
* 16 ounce single-wall travel cup with locking lid
* 16 ounce insulating double-wall travel cup with locking lid
* 4 heavy-duty reusable straws for use with the travel cup
* 8 ounce chopper cup
* Removable blade assembly for easy cleaning
* All accessories lock into place on the base
* Dimensions: 6" x 16.25" x 13.5" LWH
   Package: 7.8 lb Weight; 10" x 10" x 12" LWH
* 3 Year Limited Warranty

UPC Code: 068459170002