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Cuisinart - PrepExpress Food Processor
Cuisinart - PrepExpress Food Processor

Cuisinart - PrepExpress Food Processor

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Info: Slicer / Shredder / Spiralizer

Cuisinart PrepExpress Food Processor Model SSL-100C

Product Notes:

With the PrepExpress Food Processor from Cuisinart, you can quickly and effortlessly turn out either wide ribbons or crinkle-cut ribbons of apples or dragon fruit for decorative garnishes, or produce either thick or thin shreds of cabbage or other veggies for cole slaw or fajitas, or create waffle cut potatoes for oven-baked chips your kids will love, or make alternative types of pasta in either wide or thin strands from fresh vegetables like beets, butternut squash or zucchini.

Have you seen those lovely long, enticing, spiral cuts of fruits or vegetables at a restaurant buffet or someone's party and wondered how they pull it off? Or has someone even shown you how they do by energetically twisting or turning with a spiralizer or sliding things back and forth on a mandoline slicer, but you've thought, "Hmm, that's really not for me." Well, Cuisinart has come out with a very affordable and fairly small electric appliance dedicated to doing three things -- Slicing, Shredding, and Spiralizing -- easily and well.

PrepExpress Food Processor Features:

* Easy On/Off Switch Operation
* 3-in-1 food processor produces 8 different food cutting options, including: Ribbon, Crinkle Ribbon, Thin Spaghetti, Wide Spaghetti, Slice, Crinkle Slice, Thin Shred, Wide Shred

* 4 Dual-Function Cutting cones included:
1) Crinkle Cut Blade = 3.5mm
2) Ribbon Blade (slicing blade) = 2.5mm
3) Spaghetti Blade = 2.5mm
4) Wide Spaghetti = 9mm
* Set includes a 40 ounce (5 cup) plastic work bowl
* Both the bowl and the other parts which make contact with food are BPA free
* Also includes a Straight feed tube and pusher (as shown on the top of the unit here in these photos) for spiralizing, and an Angled feed tube and pusher for slicing & shredding (which is shown in the video)
* Cleaning Brush included
* All removable parts are Dishwasher Safe
* Comes with a 25 page Recipe/Instruction Book, and a Limited 3 Year Warranty

Suggested Usage:

UPC / Barcode: 068459172174